Shocking: See Why Facebook, Twitter, & 3G Services Was Blocked In Algeria

Imagine life without social media at this era of technological advancement. If you can survive with it, honestly i can't oo

Report from Reuters says that the Algerian Government has blocked access to Facebook, Twitter and 3G services in the country but the question is what caused this action by the Government?

Well, it's the same old story of eliminating exam malpractices. They said that the ongoing baccalaureate exam papers leaked on several social media platforms. Baccalaureate is a school-leaving examination that qualifies candidates who were successful for entrance to university, just like WAEC in West Africa.

In fact, Algeria is not the first country to block Internet connection because of Exam Malpractice. You can recall some time ago when Iraqi government blocked internet access in the country to prevent students from cheating in exam.

The Algerian Government says that they took this decision to disable social media to protect students de la publication of “bogus questions on those networks”

Meanwhile, it is reported that more than 555,000 students in the North African nation of Algeria will be retaking their exams because of this malpractice issues


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Okay let me ask you, imagine you wake up one morning and you get alert ⚠ that you are unable to use any social media platform and 3g services for one month, what will you do?
Na strong thing oo.


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    1. No say e no fit happen ooh. Government can do what Eva dem like at anytime. Let us pray it those not happen here.

  2. Can't the students do without exam malpractice?

    So this issue is not just in our country alone