Tecno Has Announced The Price Of Camon C9 - Is It Expensive Or Affordable?

After a long wait for the official price of Tecno Camon C9 to be released by Tecno Mobile, am here to present to you what Tecno said the price will be.

Although the phone is currently been sold in some top online stores like Konga for about N54,000 but Tecno just released the official recommended price of N49, 900.

You can recall that Tecno Camon C9 is the latest phone from Tecno and the first ever smartphone from the Chinese company to feature an Iris Scanner. The phone also comes with 4G LTE, fingerprints, and latest Tecno T-Band is included in the pack. If you don't know about the amazing uses and wonders of this gadget, i have already published an article on The Uses and Importance Of Tecno T-Band Device. I advice you to read it and see how it works and also read full Specifications of Tecno C9 android phone.

So having read the full specs and seen all the features of this device, what do you think about the price; is it costly or affordable? Remember Tecno is one of the highest sold Chinese mobile phones in Africa and Nigeria in particular.


  1. Hello Wizy, that is not the price, it the recommended retail price according to their Twitter page, do you expect Konga, Jumia, Kaymu to sell at that price? What of the seller gain, Konga gain and transport!!!! #Commonsense

    1. Hello ITK correction master, We thank God for your sight tho it reads say 50 words but remembers only 30. Mr Wizy categorically stated what the company announced as the price. He made further effort by displaying the official price tag photo as we all can see above. And again he stated in the second paragraph what your eyes missed or saw but couldn't decode, and I quote, "Although the phones is already been sold in some top online stores like Konga for about N54,000, Tecno just releaased the official recommended price of N49,900." So, I do not understand why you suddenly flared up unnecessarily for no reason to attack a gentleman doing a beautiful job. #Uncommonsense. @Wizy, I like your silence. Don't worry, you just keep doing your thing, we may not talk all the time, or show ourselves, but we support you sir.

    2. Thanks Alexa. Well said 👏

  2. The information that you given in this post are great and useful one. I like you your post and it is done in very great and interesting one. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Some guys with their myopic reasoning. If i could understand him well, he is thinking that the price so displayed here is what those stores should start selling the phone at.

    Anyways, English language is not our mother tongue.

    Issorite, continue

  4. Now back to the main issue at hand, my answer is that the phone under review is affordable.