Top 6 Online Business You Can Start As An Unemployed And Make Daily Income

TGIF.... Welcome to another wonderful Friday where we discuss and reveal some of the best business ideas and tips that will liberate you from state of abject poverty. These ideas are beneficial to both the employed and unemployed, even students can also venture into most of them and be making money online.

A lot or web journals sale some of this tips as ebooks but here, we offer it free of charge and if you really want to be making extra income via legit online business, I think you should be following WizyTechs Friday Business Tips (WFBT) to widen your horizon and strengthen your business life especially in this time of dwindling unemployment rate in the country.

There are many online business someone can jump into but you have to ask yourself one question, is this business legal? Is it profitable? Do i have passion for the business? These and many more questions are what you suppose to ask yourself. Of course, the business ideas i will mention here all legal and not intended for the bad boys (yahoo boys) because yahoo boys no get rest of mind 😂. Therefore to enjoy your business and live your life comfortably without dodging security operatives, you should do your business in a pure legit manner.

Before i continue, i would like to let you know that before you can succeed in any business, you must have passion for it. For example, a business like blogging requires a whole lot of time, dedication and perseverance. Without passion and strong heart, you might quit blogging after few months of starting it. This also applies to other business because it all depends on individuals and what works best for you.


1. Freelance Graphics Design
Am introducing this business idea to you because i know many people are unaware it can be lucrative if you take it very serious. Do you know that big companies like MTN, Jumia, Konga, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel, Nigerian Breweries, Tecno, Infinix mobile, Microsoft etc constantly search for people with good graphics design skills? Have you ever noticed the constant display of beautiful and inviting pictures posted on some of these companies Facebook pages? Well, those are the work of the graphics designers employed by the company. Their work is to design pictures to reflect to a particular product, season, giveaways, or ads and they get paid. Even at the moment, iTel is hiring professionals in graphic design so you can apply if you have the skills. Apply Here. If you don't have the skills already, you can start learning and developing it as it can be your source of income tomorrow.

2. Website Developer
Another lucrative business is designing and development of websites, blog sites and journals for clients. It's funny when i see people with these skills and they still complain of unemployment. All you need is to get started first, make a lot of contacts, go to popular websites, Social Media platforms, forums and advertise yourself. Relax and see how work will be coming front and back. But remember, you should be honest with yourself and your customers to retain the friendship and business. When designing a site, you must have one thing in mind which is how the website will appear, the color you should use must be related to the company's color unless otherwise stated by the company or client in question. Some might prefer a classic black, dark blue and white color mixture while others will prefer a bright colorful website like that of
Just give your clients a professional work and see how your business grows.

3. EBay Auction Sales
Do you know you can make money selling used products on Ebay? This is the more advanced version of OXL and requires you to have a PayPal account for the transactions. EBay is an international online store where many products are sold both new and used devices. So why not auction your used or old electronic devices like old phones, old laptops, old wrist watches, television etc and make some money. You can as well get these old stuffs from family members, friends etc and resell on Ebay. The whole direction and how it works is explained at the Ebay website so you can just go there and learn more about it.

4. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is now a household name for online users. Many people are now comfortably generating income via this business. I started my online business with affiliate marketing and expanded to importation and now web design, blogging, freelance and many other online ventures so you too can start from somewhere. Affiliate marketing is very simple and requires no capital to start. All you need is to register with any online store that runs affiliates program and start advertising their products on social media, forums and blog if you have one. You get commission on any product someone buys from your affiliate link. You can track the process and how many sales and commissions you are gaining on daily basis at your affiliate dashboard. For me, i started with Konga and Jumia affiliates programs and so far so good, it has been another separate source of income to me. You too can start now. To join Konga affiliate program, click here to join Jumia affiliate program, click here the direction and procedures on how to start are explained on the sites.

5. Blogging
A blog is a chronological based website filled with articles, reviews, life experiences and journal writing style which can be monetized through selling of products, services, and ads placement.
It is the trending online business that every one want to do but like i said earlier, it is not easy as you might think especially when you want to be among the top and also make daily income from it. It is a journey that requires steady inputs and hardwork. A successful blogger must be hardworking and willing to stay hours reading and researching. A successful blogger must be willing to skip night sleeps at times to achieve his or her aim. Starting and owing a blog might be easy but maintaining it and the standard you want to get to might be demanding that is why a lot of people setup a blog and after few months, they abandon it because they didn't see instant money trooping into their bank accounts. Some also are still struggling without even making money to simply subscribe for data used for blogging. BUT my advice to you is not to loose hope. As long as you have passion for blogging, you will get there. So many people get discouraged after been rejected by adsense but i will advice you to continue pushing forward. I always use myself as an example, I was making money with this blog even without getting approved by adsense as i utilized other methods like the affiliate program i said earlier and sponsored posts. I also advertised my services which i got many people to patronize me so you can still make money with your blog via other means apart from adsense although adsense is the best way of making money via blogging. You can read this posts on How To Get Adsense Approval On Your Blog and read this also, What You Must Know Before Starting A Blog

6. Desktop Publishing
This simply means the use of desktop publishing software to create newsletters, magazines, Ebooks, and marketing materials. These materials can be sold online and watch how you generate daily revenue especially when you are popular in the business. You have to create and build online presence to make it in this business. Additionally, if you are very talented in thos line of business, you can establish a tutorial center where you teach and educate others on desktop publishing and get paid for the services.


How To Convert Your Skills/Talents Into Money Bank

I will stop here for today and its left for you to go through these ideas. You can start with one today and watch how your story will change in months to come. All you need is dedication and seriousness as nothing good comes in a platter of gold. Don't ever quit when the income is not coming forth. Keep pushing in as quitters never win. A journey of a thousand mile starts with a step. Start now and begin your journey to self employment.

Feel free to ask me any question or enquiry via the comments section. Happy weekend!


  1. Wizzy thank you for the info... In regards to Jumia affiliate.... I tried to create account.... But the hindrance there is that I need a Web url and postal code.... How can I get this?

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  3. You don't know your country's, state or your address postal code? You can google it

  4. Nice article. Well explained. Honestly speaking, opportunities abound online. But sadly, it's not for the lazy ones. There're many doing business online, but the question is: how many are successful?

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  6. This Article is Magnificent. Keep it up bro.

    Also, I have something to add to this Article:

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    *To buy a land? 
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    *To start up a business of your own? 
    *Pay for your wedding? 
    *Pay your children's school fees? *Pay for your admission fees? 
    *Buy a car? 
    *Publish a book? 
    *Pay for your visa and ticket to fly abroad? 
    *Pay up a loan?

    GOOD NEWS!!! WHATEVER YOU GOALS ARE YOU CAN ACHIEVE THEM!!! And guess what??? You can SURPASS your dreams.

    CAUTION: IT IS NOT A SCAM OR A GET-RICH-QUICK scheme. If you are diligent and prudent in business you will achieve your aim and dreams.

    Investment Fee: N1000 + SmartWork

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  8. Wizy Pls is websites URL require for the affliction if yes he can someone create it and the application can be in which form? Help Pls am so much interested I hv passion for anything online

    1. No bro you don't necessarily need to own a website or blog in order to participate in affiliate marketing.

      You can create account and use ur affiliate link on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn etc.

      You can also give out your affiliate link to friends, colleagues and family members. You get commissions on sales done via your link.