Unable To Download Zip And Torrent Files On iOS? See The Solution Here.

I am here again to provide solution to one of the disturbing problems iPhone and iPad users all over the world face. Those of you that are familiar with iOS devices will agree with me that it is very very difficult to download torrent files or even zip files on your lovely Apple devices except the device is jailbreaked which is the same thing as rooting in android operating system

Tell me how someone especially a techy can be using a phone that can't download Torrent or zip files in this age of technological advancement. This is why i think it is the right time to expose you to how to bring a stop to it without jailbreaking your apple phone.

Many people don't want to run into the risk of jailbreaking because it can permanently damage or render the iOS device useless if it is not properly done. Also, it automatically voids your device warranty and might even expose it to malware attacks if you aren't careful enough. So to achieve this, i will introduce the safest way to do it which requires no jailbreak but just an app.

Information About The Application
App Name: Total Browser files manager
Version: Latest version
Compatibility: iOS 7.0.1 or later version

Features Of Total Browser File Manager => It manages all file types and documents
=> It extracts files from a compressed zip or rar document (decompressing)
=> It has a download option where you get to download any file format fom the internet to your iPhone or iPad device
=> It organizes archives automatically
=> It supports multi-tab fast internet browsing
=> It has private mode browsing option
=> It deploys user agent spoofing and many more

What This App Does
This "total browser file manager" is just an amazing tool that every iOS user should have in his or her device because it comes with a full integration of various cloud storage services which makes it possible for users to download files of any file format without needing to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad device. At the moment, the cloud storage supports include Dropbox GDrive, OneDrive and Webdav.

Where Can I Download The App?
Download Total Browser File Manager For iOS Here


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Yes guys, that is it. With this nice tool, you don't need to worry anymore about downloading of Torrents and zip files on your iOS devices. You can alternatively use idownloader to download torrent files on iOS. Feel free to share this post with your friends on social media. Someone out there might need this information.


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