Saturday, June 25, 2016

What Is Going On With Airtel? Double Data 1GB For N2000 & 2GB For N3000

Right now, am not happy with Airtel. Why should they program something in a way to deceive people or are they trying to say it's a mistake?

Yesterday Airtel released code to dial and get 11gb and 22gb respectively without differentiating the amount of data and the numerical list which resulted to total deceit.

I completely thought it's 11gb instead of 1gb and i was praising them for providing affordable data plans. Imagine! See the screenshot below to see how decieving this information is to the public.

Why can't them separate the data anf numbers with a (coma)? This is the reason i immediately deleted the article yesterday so that you won't waste your 2k on a 1gb data plan. Imagine.

Apart from that, they introduced 2g network data plans to codedly unsubscribe customers from the BB10 data plan on android. If you noticed, once you have used the 2g data plan, you won't be able to use airtel BIS on android anymore even after opting out unless by the grace of God.

Am not happy with airtel right now. 😔


  1. what if I change the sim and android identity and imei ....I guess I should be able to use the bis

  2. what if I change the sim and android identity and imei ....I guess I should be able to use the bis

  3. I guess it was supposed to be
    1.1GB, 30 days N2000
    2.2GB, 30 days N3000

    It looks too good to be true. They omitted the dot between 11 and 22, I guess.

  4. LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😀😀 .Smart ass bastardy.

  5. The Bush meat caught the Hunter. If that new plan was true then it would have been better than what glo is offering. When I saw it, I knew it was too good to be true

  6. They didn't omit anything it was a scam. And they got some people.

  7. I agree with that guy

  8. What if you try to sub for BB plan with new SIM card and imei number will it work

  9. you shouldn't be so quick to blame airtel. there was really no official communication from them. most of the news about the new data plan cam from blogs who were eager to drive traffic to their websites. on the other hand I think the other 2g network plan is a good one. it is ideal for low end phone users rather than the bb10 guys. we just lie

  10. Is there a way to get back at Airtel for scamming people about this? Like reporting to NCC.I know its a deliberate effort. Thats scam. Let us tweet them to d whole world as thief

  11. Why not leave airtel alone and subscribe to MTN 1.5GB for 1months at #1000.
    I just subscribed 3 days back and its flowing well.