What Is MiraVision In Infinix Android Phones? See Its Functions Here

MiraVision is one of the new features embedded on latest Infinix mobile phone User interface known as XUI. This new future might be hidden to many users of Infinix smartphones because some people don't even know the functions.

According to a member at Infinix Forum, he suggested that infinix should alert people about the new Mira vision engine so that they can be able to customise their own picture quality well else it Will be as if the camera is not in a good shape

MiraVision helps you to control or configure your screen color & graphics "temperature" if the screen color is abnormal or not to the standard you want.

How To Control Screen Color Using MiraVision
To control screen "temperature and ambience", go to
=> Settings
=> Tap on display
=> Select MiraVision and choose the most suitable mode for you.


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With that, you can customize your phone graphics even more to your liking. Remember Infinix is planning on bringing more XUI updates for Infinix smartphones so guys using Infinix hot ♨, Infinix hot 2, Infinix hot note, Infinix hot 3, Infinix zero 2 etc can flex this amazing graphic feature.


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  2. I once installed the ROM with that feature which is xui but my torch light is nt working unless I use an app... Some people complained of nt charging etc

  3. Hi...call me Ee.I need your assistance pls. I rooted my phone one time back and when i wanted to upgrade to the latest version(marshmallow?), i unrooted it.However, the 'android robot always dies/crash whenever I try upgrading my infinix hot 2(x510). Please help me...

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  5. Miz Eee you have to manually flash another stock rom on your phone, the root has manipulated some things on your phone that even after uprooting the manufacturer can still see. It's a common problem and happened to me on my new hot 3

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  8. Currently using this feature in my Ulefone tiger.

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