Checkout 7 Funny Windows Error Messages: Have You Seen Them Before?

Just thinking about how far technology has taken us because i still remember those days where we make use of large desktop computers πŸ’» of 256MB RAM ☺ (imagine). Those days where windows 95 was trending but even if you forget other windows version, am sure you won't forget "Windows 7" which still holds the honor of being the most popular windows version according to Net Applications Stats 2016.

Do you know that the Windows OS dominates more than 80% of the Operating System market?

Take a look at this April 2016 data stats from Net Applications below

Windows had over the years revolutionized the world through several means including automations but they still pop out some annoying error messages when you instruct it to do a wrong job. While some of the errors are ideal, some seems to be very funny and hilarious πŸ˜‚ to the extent of even confusing you on what next to do. This is mainly prevalent in older windows versions.

If you understand what am trying to pass out on this post, follow me along as checkout some of these error messages.

Top Hilarious Microsoft Windows Error Messages

1. Lol see these disk errors

2. Lol when your PC πŸ’» is confused on what an error really means

3. This one is a tablet on windows platform, a search for the word “Disc” would help you get it faster). Source: TNW

4. See more funny error popup mensages after the cut





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Computer geeks should be aware of some of these error pop-ups. But thanks to advanced technology as we rarely meet this messages in recent windows 8 and Windows 10 OS.


  1. Configuring updates..... 3065% got me cracking 😁

  2. An Error occurred while displaying the previous error.>>>IMAGIN😁😁😁😁

  3. Very hilarious messages i must say

  4. Very hilarious messages i must say