Thursday, July 14, 2016

How To Subscribe For Airtel Night Data Plan of 500MB For N25 & 1.5GB For N50 On SmartTRIBE

    Do you know that Airtel has reintroduced a new night data plan to replace the former one which they recently discontinued? Well i will be your guide in revealing all you need to know about this new Airtel Night Data Plans, the benefits, advantages, disadvantages, hours of the night it is usable, allocated MB, price, tariff plan, and lots more.

How The Former Airtel Night Plans Worked
The former Night Plan used to offer "unlimited data" in 1 hour for the price of N100 while N200 gives you another unlimited data for 2 hours. Unfortunately airtel scrapped it for a reason best known to them and now they have given us something to behold on.

Update: Airtel has increased price of 1.5gb night plan from #50 to #200

Advantages Of New Airtel Night Data Plans

1. It costs cheaper than the former one. With just #25, you get 500mb and with only #50, you get 1.5GB

2. It works anytime between the hours of 12am and 5am in the night

3. Airtel network is generally very fast so in the night, it is even more faster.

4. With just 25 naira, you can update your phone apps and your PC antivirus software

5. With 50 naira, you can do even more by downloading your favorite movies online

6. It doesn't require any sort of tweaking

Disadvantages Of New Airtel Night Data Plan

1. The two plans (N25 and N50) are not Unlimited. It is capped 500MB and 1.5GB respectively

2. You must migrate to Airtel SmartTribe Tariff Plan before your SIM will be eligible for the night plan. Although, SmartTribe Tariff plan offers a flat call rate of 11k/s calls charges for all national networks (N6.60K/min). Which is absolutely cheap.

How To Migrate To Airtel SmartTrybe Tariff Plan
Simply dial *312# then reply with 1

How To Subscribe/Activate Airtel #50 For 1. 5GB, 500MB for #25

First Method
Dial *312*3#*

Second Method
=> Dial *312#
=> Then reply with 3 for 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N50 [Night Plan 12am - 6am]


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I bet you airtel is fully out to fight and compete with MTN's night data plans and i see them winning if they continue maintaining their wonderful network coverage which delivers about 2mb/sec in the night while downloading. As for whether it can be renewed, i will update it soon after confirmation this night.
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  1. Thanks Wizy baba.. You the Best, can't wait for the night to come

  2. Is it anoda way to deactivate sims that are using airtel 1k blackberry subscription? I won't do it jor. However, thanks Wizzy for the useful info.

    1. Do d airtel blackberry plan still working, if yes what imei do u use.

  3. geezz!! ds is d best offer eva.. so cool to hold on

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  6. slow,slower than a snail!

  7. can u use it for the following night if you have data remaining or is it only for 1 night and expires the following day. Thanks for your hard work wizy we are really great full to you

  8. i noticed something while trying to test the 50# for 1.5gb... not going tru.. who else has tried it cos is only d 25#(500mb) dahs workinq 4 nw..

  9. Thks Wizy! You are always at the fore front. Pls keep it up. Pls add me to your Whatsap Group 07031855580. Thks.

  10. I saw this last while trying to activate the unlimilted plan. When I tried it I got this reply that unsuccessful, this plan is not available on your plan. So I decided to call customer care who told me that its not active yet but when it is I'll get a text to that effect.

  11. Very helpful bro

    lets waytch the network providers fight

    glo really hit that there new sim tarriff

  12. Wizy Abeg, I av a current airtel blackberry subscription. So what I want to know is if I do the night plan will it deactivate my blackberry sub or do I have to deactivate my blackberry sub to use it? Thanks

  13. Wizy Abeg, I av a current airtel blackberry subscription. So what I want to know is if I do the night plan will it deactivate my blackberry sub or do I have to deactivate my blackberry sub to use it? Thanks

  14. After exhausting the 1.5 that same night can I do another one

  15. wizy, i want to ask if the airtel 4gb is still working

  16. Wizy Thanks for the update what I want to know now is if subscribing for the plan will affect current Airtel BIS subscription.

  17. Last time I used airtel their 200mb is more or less 20mb with other networks, hope they have changed? And pls hope there will be notification after exhausting the data not that after finishing ones balance?

  18. wow I hope it's not speed throttling like Mtn does . even Mtn got worse since day before yesterday .go Airtel

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  23. See, I'm not excited about this plan, I know this network providers don't really want anything good for us, they just want to extort us. The similar mtn plan to this is called (by mtn) "free night browsing", they don't tell you that you have only 500mb (which they might not even allow you finish). I would love if it could be used (for the same time frame) at any time of the day - that's being fair. My own is sha that Mr Wizy, boss, please try your best as always and help us tweak it so we can really really enjoy it. thank you sir.

  24. will it deactivate my current data subscription (android data subscription)?

  25. I used the 1.5gig and it was awesome really wish airtel could convert this to a day bundle price there could to use this on psiphon

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