Download Prisma For Android & iOS - Introducing The Trending Photo Art App

Prisma is the latest photo editing app that is trending at the moment. Just like Pokemon Go Game, Prisma was just launched few weeks ago but it has recorded millions of downloads and millions of daily users all over the world on both Android platform and iOS devices.

How Prisma Works
It's true that Prisma is not the first or only photo beautification app but it comes with something different from what others offers as it basically utilizes "artificial intelligence" to make images look much more like they were created by actual humans than a simple algorithms. Prisma uses "cloud-based machine" learning to turn your boring photos into a stunning piece of artwork
With its mind blowing "art filters" it transforms your images into great art works

Below are some starts shared by Prisma co-founder about the app in the short time of it's launch.

✔ Over 400 million photos have been ‘prismed’

✔ It’s been downloaded over 10.6 million times on iOS alone

✔ The are over 1.55 million daily active users

✔ Daily downloads maxed out about 700k

The app was firstly made available for iOS users before the Android Beta version of the app was unveiled five days ago but surprisingly, in what is one of the fastest turnarounds in Beta app history, the developers made it available fully for everyone on android platform just five days of Beta release.

Interestingly, the Android app boasts of all the same features as the iOS version, including more than 30 filters and support for either taking a new photo or choosing existing ones from your gallery.

What Prisma Developers Are Planning To Add Soon
The company says it will be adding "video support on Prisma" which is expected to be added in a week time or so. This means we would be able to use live video support on the app in nearest future.

Another development is the plan to delete all the least popular image filter and editing styles and replacing them with a gamut of high-quality filters, which sounds cool and interesting.

Where Can I Download It?

Download Prisma Apk Android App Here (For Android Devices)

Download Prisma iOS App Here (For iPhones and iPads)

Now it's a battle between Pokemon Go and Prisma. The two apps has taken the world by surprise as Pokemon is now the most popular mobile game in the US just few weeks after its launch.


  1. Wizzytech it takes time to create artwork
    Does it use network cos sometimes it says too many ppl are using the app?

  2. That's bull jor, no wonder my mb finishes any how.

  3. I never knew that this app under review uses data to process pics

  4. I'm give it a try but i don't always take pictures