Hilarious: Checkout Top 20 Craziest Questions People Ask Google

Every day we carry out one search or the other on google. The truth is we actually carry out queries according to the situation we found ourselves at a particular time. That's why we see both hilarious, crazy, wise and intelligent searches on google.

Surprisingly the top craziest search made on Google goes to “Am I pregnant?” because people trust Google more than doctors or pregnancy tests.

Digitaloft released an infographic of the "most craziest searches on google" checkout below

Other Crazy Questions Asked On Google Are:

What Do I Do With My Life? 5,400

Why Does My Belly Button Smell? 4,400

Does My Dog Love Me? 2,900

What Did I Do Wrong? 2,400

How Do Sharks Sleep? 2,400

Is A Fox A Dog? 1,900

Why Does My Wee Smell? 1,300

Where Do Dinosaurs Live? 880

How Do I Hide A Dead Body? 590

Should I Have A Third Baby? 480

Now over to you, what is the Craziest question you have asked google? I guess it would be "Latest Free Browsing Cheat", "How To Download Psiphon Pro Lite" lol 😁
Just say your craziest question on google via the comments section. Do you want to know mine? Okay it's "why Africans are black"