How To Cancel/Deactivate Data Auto Renewal On Etisalat, Airtel, MTN, Glo

Automatic renewal of data plans can be good for some people in some situations while it can be a thorn in the flesh for others. In years before, there was nothing like autorenewal of data plans by any network provider until few years ago when they "Nicodemously" introduced it. Like I said earlier, it can be nice in some situations but at the same time dangerous in other.

So i have compiled the codes to use in stopping auto renewal in all the major networks as of now. I was once a victim to etisalat reckless deduction of money via their data auto renewal without even my consent and i tried many codes to "opt out" but nothing happened until i contacted their Customers Care via Twitter and they released the main code to use in deactivating it. After that, i was safe. Follow me along as i show you the codes to "stop data auto renewal"

How To Stop Data Auto Renewal

If you use airtel network, you would agree with me that once you subscribe to airtel BIS or some other airtel data plans, the plan will automatically be renewed after the expiring or validation date but to stop it, just text “StopAutoRenew" to 440 (without quotes)

Although MTN is not actually as serious as Airtel when it comes to automatic renewal of data but there are still some MTN plans that carries the auto renewal tag and to deactivate it, simply text “No” to 131 (without quotes)

Etisalat is another network that many subscribers fell victim to although they use to send warning messages to let you know that data renewal applies once your active subscription expires. This is regular with Etisalat Social pak data plans, Etisalat BB10 plan and others. To cancel auto renewal on etisalat, dial *229*0# or text “Stop” to 229

Remember on Etisalat network, you have to dial this code again anytime you subscribe for new data plan because etisalat did it in such a way that, any new data plan carries the auto renewal feature. So you are to dial the codes on any new subscription.

It is no more news that once you are subscribed to any glo data plan, chances are that it will get renewed immediately it reaches validity date and as long as the credit on your SIM is up to to the amount for that data package, it will be deducted. So if you are not ready for such, you can simply Opt out of cancel auto renewal on glo by texting “Cancel” to 127 (without quotes)


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That is how you can disable auto renewal of data on all Nigeria networks without calling their customers care representatives or contacting them on social media. If you are still confused or gave any questions, kindly use the comments box and i will attend to you ASAP.