How To Fix/Restart a Hanged Or Unresponsive Android Phone With Non-Removable Battery

Am sure most of us using android devices with "built-in battery" had encountered a situation where the phone hanged and refuses to accept any input or tap commands and all efforts to restart it proved abortive. While this is a big problem for non removable battery android phones, it isn't so for those using a removable battery powered android devices as they can just remove the battery and re-insert it back again to bring the phone to life.

So in this brief guide, i will reveal to you how to reboot your phone if it becomes unresponsive without removing the battery.

How Can I Reboot A Hanged Phone With Non-Removable Battery?

=> Press and hold down the powerℹ key and volume down ➖ key until the phone shuts down.

(this should take just few seconds)

It will restart automatically but if it didn't,
=> Just press the Power key to restart the phone.

How To Restart An Unresponsive Infinix Smartphones With Non-Removable Battery
I noticed that the procedure is slightly different for Infinix phones like the Infinix Hot Note and Hot Note Pro. Although the first method still works here but there is another method which is by "pressing and holding the power button 🔲 for 10 seconds" you will see, the device will restart automatically.

Will This Harm My Device?
Not at all. It is safe and it won't wipe or delete any file from your phone.


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  2. Educative post buh there are actually situations where even power buttons don't work buh I hope we don't get to be in such situation,
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  3. I once had a phone with non removable battery and the experience was awesome.

    The methods displayed here are always useful.