How To Share Android Apk Files On WhatsApp Without Cloudsend & Dropbox

It is no more news that WhatsApp is the world's most popular IM (Instant Messaging) platform after it was launched in early 2010 by two ex-Yahoo! employees, Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Although the app has been bought over by Mark Zuckerberg who is also the founder of Facebook and since then, we have seen many improvements and additions on WhatsApp including ability to make voice calls with cellular data, ability to send PDF files, ability to quote other users messages, conversation encryption and lot more but there is one major feature that is still lacking on WhatsApp and that is ability to "send or share android apps on WhatsApp" which are in the apk extension format.

Android OS is based on Linux Technology and hardware independent and because of this reason, Android Apps are compatible with several versions of Android Operating System. Another advantage of android OS over other platforms like java, blackberry, windows mobile and even iOS is the mesmerizing availability of millions of applications in almost all phase of human life arranged categorically on Google Playstore and WhatsApp belongs to those on the social IM category.

Well, there has been so many articles online on "how to send files such as apk, exe, pdf" etc on WhatsApp with third party applications like Dropbox and Cloudsend but i want to come in a new method that doesn't require installation of any of the above apps. It is the most simple and straightforward method to send or share android apps with friends or even in your WhatsApp groups you belong to. Follow me along as i walk you through the lane on how to achieve this as we wait on WhatsApp to officially provide the feature in subsequent app updates.

Like i said earlier, this method doesn't require installation of third party apps as long as you have the raw files of your apk apps because the trick here is that you will have to rename the file before sending it on WhatsApp.

So if you don't have the raw files, i will show you a way to get all your android app raw files so that you can edit and even send it via Bluetooth to another device.

How To Get Android App (apk) Raw File
=> Download BackupSuite Apk Android App Here

=> Install and Launch the app on your phone

=> You will be welcomed to the homepage just as it is in this screenshot

=> Now swipe left and you will see apps and other options to backup

=> Tap on apps

=> A list of all the installed apps on your device will be displayed

=> Now tap on the one you want to backup (to get the raw file)

After that, go to your file manager 📁 and locate BackupSuite folder. There you will see the raw android app you just backed up. Now you can do whatever you want to do with the app including renaming it with any file extension or format.

How Can I Send It To WhatsApp?

=> Rename the app you want to send (in this tutorial, i used tweakware vpn app) to something.text and after renaming it, you will notice the file icon will change into a doc file.

=> Now long-press or hold the file to bring out the share button and click share to WhatsApp (you can share it with a contact or in a group)

=> After sharing, the person you shared it with can now download the app in form of text file

=> after downloading, he or she will have to go to file manager and locate WhatsApp doc; then, he can rename the file he just downloaded to something.apk.

That's all, it is now back as an android app and can be installed and used.

This trick is very easy and simple but it might appear cumbersome to you here because i did it in a way that even a layman will understand that's why the procedure seems a little bit voluminous. It's easy to achieve. You can use the same method to send different file formats like zip, exe, rar, doc etc. Anyway, if you are still confused, feel free to ask questions via the comments box.