How To Share Wifi Connection With Friends Without Them Knowing Your Password - Generate Wifi QR Code

There is love in sharing especially when you have a lot of data that only can't use on your device. But there is always one security issue with sharing Wifi connection with neighbors and friends. If you noticed, whenever you share your network with others via Wifi, they can easily see your Wifi password and can use it at any time except you change it.

So this issue spurred me to bring this article on how you can still secure your wifi password and we will make use of QR Code Method . In this simple tutorial, you will be able to "generate QR Code for Wifi Access on android devices" and you can then easily share the wifi access with others. What the persons you are sharing to needs to do is just scan the WiFi QR code and he or she would be connected automatically.

Kindly follow the simple steps i have provided below to achieve this. It is a very good security and precautionary measure to protect your device while doing good to others ☺

How Can I Generate QR Code for WiFi Access?

Step 1.
You will need to generate QR Code. So click here to generate.

Step 2.
Next thing to do is to typr your correct WiFi SSID (WiFi name or network name), correct WiFi password, select the security type you’re using for your WiFi (WEP, WPA/WPA2 or no encryption) and choose any caption you want to use for the QR Code and just click on “Generate WiFi QR Code”.

Step 3.
After generating the code, you need to download the code, (the download link is provided on same page)

Step 4.
Having done that, you can now share the QR Code image to anybody you wish to share WiFi access with; be it neighbors, friends, relatives, wify, hubby, gf, bf etc

How Can I Connect Shared QR Code?
Any person you shared the image of your Wi-Fi QR code need to
download Barcode scanner from Google playstore on his or her phone and then make use of the barcode scanner to scan the QR Code.

Immediately, the WiFi access would be connected as soon as the QR Code is scanned.

Another Method the person can utilize is the use of QR Code reader. You need to have the code on other device or system in other to scan with main device you want to connect with.


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With the above step, you can save and protect yourself from people taking down your WiFi password every time. It also saves you the stress of constantly changing your password.