Introducing Etisalat Real Bonus Cheap Tariff Plan - Enjoy 250% Bonus

Etisalat just launched a new Tariff Plan called Real Bonus. It is a package that offers awuf 250% bonus on any recharge of N100 Naira and above. Not just that, they also included people like us who are addicted to the Internet with a 1GB data offer with just N500 Naira. You will agree with me that this year is really better than previous years in terms of data and airtime packages from our network operators. The competition is favouring their customers. We need more of this.

How Etisalat Real Bonus Plan Works
You don't have to be a Wizard before joining this plan because it is straight forward and very simple. It only requires a code to migrate to (which is provided later on this article)
Anytime you recharge your etisalat line with N100 and above, you will be offered 250% bonus which can be used to call any network in Nigeria. For example, you recharged with N100, N350 will be credited on your SIM. Also when you recharge your line with N200, N700 will be given to you. Isn't it great?

Important Things To Know About This Plan

1. For customers who recharge below N100, will enjoy 150% bonus

2. Offer is open to all new and existing customers on Easystarter, Easycliq, Talkzone and Cliqlite

3. The recharge bonus has a 7-day validity, and can be used for calls, pay as you go data and SMS

4. The bonus account is divided into two 50% splits to call other networks and the other half to call Etisalat lines

5. Call to all network on this tariff plan charged at 40K/S

How To Opt-in/Active/Migrate To Etisalat Real Bonus
To opt-in, Dial *611*1# and start enjoying.

To subscribe to etisalat 1GB for N500, dial *229*2*2#

Remember people are still earning (airtime and data) money free of charge via Zoto free airtime App. Click Here to start earning now!!!

Let's wait and see retaliation from. MTN. We need more affordable data and call packages.


  1. Nice one WizyTechs your just too much please add this no to your whatsapp 09033299265 group please

  2. Nice one WizyTechs your just too much please add this no to your whatsapp 09033299265 group

  3. How long does the 1gig last? 1 week or 1 month?

  4. Pls add me to your Whatsapp group, how long does the 1gig last

  5. U av not added me to the group,its it dat u are not seeing my comments or what?

  6. Wrong info pls, etisalat said the 1gig for #500 on the real bonus plan works for just new Etisalat users who registered with one month but the 250 percent airtime is applicable to all users.. Pls get ur info right b4 posting..

  7. Wizy abeg dem don steal my phone abeg no comot me 4 ur group its daveyjones

  8. Bro insufficient bal for the 1gb wt #500 on my phone