Introducing Vkworld Crown V8 - World Thinnest SmartPhone With Thermal Touch Technology

Vkworld is a new smartphone company from China but they are pulling weight through their advanced smartphone features. They always try to add the unimaginable in their phones thereby making them standout from others. The last time, the launched Vkworld T6 which is a 6 inch device with 2gb RAM. Now, they are all set to launch one of the world's Thinnest SmartPhone and they named it Vkworld Crown .

With thickness of only 4.7mm, the smartphone is seen as the slimmest in the world as of the time of this publication. Wait! it’s not just thin, this phone also comes with a thermal touch, which provides a totally new touchscreen communication unlike what is seen in other smartphones.

But what is Thermal touch? It is a new technology that combines both infrared and visible light cameras to detect the heat signature from someone's fingers and turn any object into a touchscreen. This latest technology could be embedded in the smartphones and wearable devices (SmartWatches, wrist bands etc) to offer new ways of interacting with the environment. You might like to read this article on a SmartWatch that turns your skin into a touchpad/touchscreen read the article and see where technology is now heading to. Human skin is now working as a phone's touchscreen.

Back to Vkworld Crown, let me show you some of the outstanding features that makes this device a wow 😱

Vkworld Crown Appearance
The smartphone appears very different from what we use to see on other devices as both the front and back of the phone are enclosed with glass while the frame is designed with metal. Meanwhile, the shape of the phone is quite different from others, it looks somehow like the old Moto Droid Razr. It's somehow weird for my liking though.

Vkworld Crown V8 features IP67 certification. This simply means it is water-resistant, dust-proof and shatter-proof. Some reliable sources from China said the phone has self-healing technology; meaning that its body can be healed after a scratch (am still yet to totally believe this until i handle the phone) it can also be submerged in one-meter-depth water for about 30 minutes without getting damaged.

Vkworld Crown V8 comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and a shatter shield layer covering seen on the surface of the glass to further protect and guide the phone from scratches and mechanical damage.

Vkworld Display
The manufacturers decided to employ the display of LG and it is an IPS display with OGS full lamination. If you have used any LG phone before, you would agree with me that their display is always cool. Even with their java phones.

Vkworld Crown Speaker
The speakers are located at the front and they can deliver an output of surround sound and deep bass like some HTC phones do.

Vkworld V8 Launch Date
The phone is reportedly hitting the market in the middle of July 2016

Vkworld Crown V8 Price In Nigeria, USA, Kenya, China, India
The price of this amazing phone is $79.99 USD and Rs 5,500 in India


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Can you believe that? Just $79.99 with all these features? That's why Vkworld is doing things different from others. Price of their products are always affordable. I am seeing them gaining more ground in nearest future. More specs of this phone will be published here on this blog as time goes on. Keep tuned!


  1. vkworld Crown V8 is so special. I am looking forward to it

  2. I like VKworld Crown V8 phone, this is a world’s thinnest mobile phone, with a thickness of only 4.7mm. But it’s not only thin, it will also come with a thermal touch and Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

  3. I never that that there was something like this before not until i logged in to this blog

  4. I never that that there was something like this before not until i logged in to this blog