Jose Mourinho Prohibits Manchester United Players From Playing Pokemon Go

The Pokemon go craze has find its way to professional players mind as dailystar reports that Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho doesn't fancy his players playing the addictive argumentative reality game game two days before a match.

The report says...

“Jose loves having a great relationship with his players and staff and thinks it’s great for them to chill and relax away from training and games.

He’s still finding his way around Old Trafford and treading carefully.

The only thing he has picked up on which he’s told the lads of is his concern about Pok√©mon.

He says for 48 hours before a match he wants the guys to leave it alone and concentrate on the tactics he and his staff have been working on in the days before.”

Mourinho said this after Rooney and Martial were seen catching Pokemon.


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  3. I'm yet to realize what made this game popular

  4. I'm yet to realize what made this game popular