Pokemon Go: Download In Nigeria & Checkout How To Play It + PokeStops, PokeGyms

Hello guys, I know you might have heard of Pokemon Go , the virtual reality game that has gone viral in the internet recently. Hmmmm, if you haven't heard it, then you might be probably living out of this planet as the game has become popular in such a way that it's surpassing candy crush.

Unfortunately, it is more popular in Europe and America but here in Nigeria, because it has not been officially made available for Nigerians to download and use, many people are still not aware of it. Anyway, that shouldn't be an issue because in this blog, we try to make the impossible to be possible. We try to enter a "no go area" so i will be sharing how you can download the Pokemon Go app in Nigeria and also quickly show you how to play the game and where to "find the Pokemons around you in Nigeria"


First Step

First of all, you need to download the app. Knowing that it is not officially available in Nigeria, I have two methods that you can use to download it
First method is by using a VPN app like Netify, change your country to USA or England, then clear your Google playstore cache memory and search for Pokemon. Then, download it.
The second method is downloading from a third party app store like APKMirror. So Download Pokemon Go Game Apk Here for Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Egypt and some other African nations

Second Step
After downloading and installation of the app, launch it and sign in using your google account (gmail). Then, there is option to customize your electronic avatar. You can choose your gender, eye color, hair color, shirt, hat, pants, shoes, and the style of your backpack. Once you finish that, enable your phone GPS because it won't work without GPS features. you'll get into the main area of the game which is The Pokémon Go map.
The game is really an addictive game that can make you walk very far (at times more than 2km) in search of Pokemon to catch.

The game interface uses an animated google map to display all the creatures, roads, places, rivers, house, bus stops and in fact virtually everything in your street. You'll see (unmarked) roads, rustling grass (marking Pokémon in the area), and local landmarks disguised as PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms. Your avatar moves together with you as you move in the real world. Your Phone will vibrate immediately a Pokemon pops up on the map. The next thing you should do is to tap on it and try to capture them.

This continues as you walk in search of new Pokemons in your street. Pokemons in the Riverside are synonymous to aquatic creatures and those in the bush also carries the nature of bush animals. It continues like that. You won't even know when you have walked a long distance. It's becoming crazy in the USA.

So far so good, Pokemons has being sighted in many locations in Lagos and Abuja. A friend of mine also said he caught some Pokemons in Enugu. So you can try it in your street and give us your report and how you feel playing the addictive game.

Where To Find Pokemon In Lagos?

✔ In Surulere but it seems there is PokeGyms because i didn't get any.

✔ Another place you can find a lot of Pokemons and also PokeStops is in Mainland

✔ Protea Hotel (also have PokeStops)

✔ Lagos Country Club.

✔ G.R.A, Ikeja area.

✔ Ikeja, Adeyemi BERO Auditorium, Lagos Secretariat central Mosque, Chapel of Christ the light church,

✔ NCC Towers is also pokestop if you are around Maitama.

Where To Find Pokemons In Abuja?
Here are some abuja pokestops:

✔ This Day Dome (kur mohammed Ave)

✔ The City Library (by herbert Macaulay way)

✔ National Arts and Crafts center (by sani abacha way)

✔ Shehu shagari way park

✔ Abuja central Mosque
The wonderful thing about the above PokeStops is that any of them could be PokeGYMs also.


According to a user of Pokemon who recently commented on one of the online platforms on Pokemon in Nigeria
"Depends on what you’re doing in the game, e.g you can drive to a pokestop to get pokeballs, find common pokemons around or any of the games special stuff, however to hatch your own special pokemon you need to walk depending on the kind of Pokemon..weak pokemons you walk up to 2km, stronger pokemons you may walk up to 10km, your phone’s GPS can tell if your in a car or bike so it won’t count for you in-game"

He continued...
"Not every really needs to walk in pokemon go, there are 3 teams, with 3 different specialties, Team Blue are specialists in pokemon evolution, Team Red are specialists in Strength, battles, conquering gyms, team yellow are specialists in hatching special pokemon eggs, this entails walking for a distance of 2km to 10km depending on how strong the pokemon you are about to hatch."

But the funniest thing that happened in Nigeria today was one babe playing Pokemon and searching for Pokemons in a Keke. She actually found one and ask the Keke Man to stop and gave him N500 for a N20 naira ride and she didn’t ask for balance. That's how far Pokemon can take you once you start playing.

As for me, am taking my time as it wanted to get into me but i recovered myself after tracking for some long distance and later used a car 🚗 in search of Pokemons. I must confess it's really nice game that will not only entertain you but will make you know more about your vicinity, it is also the a good way to walk out and loose weight. It will make you treck to places you wouldn't have trekked in normal circumstances.


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Have you played the game before? What is you experience with Pokemon. Where in Nigeria did you play it and are you experiencing the current server error? Let's hear you out.


  1. it kept on saying GPS signal not found though I switched it on. what's your suggestion sir

    1. Just toggle your GPS again by switching off and ON again.it should come up

  2. Hello sir wizy mine says gps signal not found tho my gps is on and it looks like I am on a blue landscape without moving. Whats your suggestion sir?

    1. You might need to switch On your data connection as well. Also make sure you are walking. Your avatar moves as u move and you see everything in a virtual world via ur phone. That's why the GPS and data is important

  3. Oshe Hallelujah! I thought it would never happen downloading now. Thanks wizy thanks for the update.

    1. Not to boast but I think me and my cousin are the highest level trainers in Nigeria.with more than 500 pokemon and lvl18players

  4. download it here I loooove this game its a very nice game click on the link to download the nodded version

  5. Sir, my data and GPS are turned on but it keeps saying GPS signal not found..

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Victor thanks for the compliments

    2. This game made me trek from my home to a place I've never imagined possible lol
      I found a pokemon in Lagos, apapa wharf sidecommenting from blazeteks.com 

  7. Does it consume data

  8. I have downloaded the Pokemon Go here http://apps2u.co/android-apps/pokemon-go-apk

  9. Bros Wizzy eee... Ayam enjoyin it right now! How the hell did a Pkemon get into my office at Ahamdu Bello way VI, Lagos, on my desk sef! I tried to capture the guy, him just dey jump upandan dey even nod my balls away dey do odeshi... na en I kon sama am korrect one for belle... It's fun already, now I cant concentrate on my work. Wizzy one day, I will surprise you with a gift. I sent you a mail about working with you on an idea. Check ur inbox or spam, my email goes jedas...@rock....com. thansk. Remember what I told you, " We ,may not talk all the time but we are solidly behind you"

  10. hmmn hope you guys know that money can be make from pokemon app, just hoping they release it officialy in nigeria

  11. i download d app but i am not able to install it. any suggestion?

  12. Pokemon has been my best game as me and my cuz av even gone far in the game thus not. Allowing it to b an obstacle
    ....although we did use some little gps. Spoofing

  13. After reading this article, i became more confused because i can't really understand what this game is all about.