Samsung Tizen Phones Coming To South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Others

Africa is set to welcome yet another brand of Samsung phones to the continent as Samsung plans to hit Africa with its "Tizen powered smartphones"

But what is meaning of Tizen phones? Tizen is an open source operating system based on the Linux kernel and WebKit runtime. This simply means that users can obtain the source code that Tizen is based on, allowing smartphone owners to tinker with and alter a device's software.

A new report says the upcoming "Samsung Z2 will be launched in African countries" such as Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya, including some Asian markets in India, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. This launch is expected to take place sometime in October this year.

It is worthy to know that Z2 will be the first ever Tizen phone have support for 4G LTE in addition to remote assistance feature. The report highlighted that countries like Nigeria and Kenya are undergoing infrastructural development to welcome 4G LTE technology to the areas so it will be easy for the South Korean company to capture the market there.

According to the report Samsung also plans to utilize these African markets as test-beds for its "Tizen-based IoT infrastructure."

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  1. ... will this phone be affordable to the ordinary person in the country?