Tecno DroidPad 10 Pro Is Coming With Android Remix - Leaked Images Surfaces

TECNO is reportedly working on a new device called DroidPad 10 Pro which probably is the successor of the former Tecno DroidPad 10 device that runs on dual OS. Just a couple of hours ago, the leaked images of DroidPad 10 surfaces online with sone sketchy specs highlighting that the device will feature Android Remix OS which is arguably the first time we might be seeing this on any Tecno device or any other mobile manufacturer in the country

What Is Android Remix OS
Remix OS is a new computer operating system designed for personal computers. So it is not Olamide vs Phyno kind of remix 😁. The OS uses ARM architecture. The Beta version of the OS was announced in January 2016 for PC users based on Android x86 - x86 port of Android OS. Remix OS for PC allows you to run Android applications on any compatible Intel-based PC so it's more like a custom Android variant.

So the OS possesses the characteristics of Windows on a mobile OS. This simply implies that devices with Android Remix packs some features of a PC like the taskbar, sidebar notifications like in the Windows 10, multiple multitasking tabs, and much more features which will fully unfold soon.
The Android Remix OS is from Jide Technologies

From the leaked specs, this device will feature a 2GB RAM, 32GB on-board memory, 7000mAh battery capacity and much more. Checkout the available specs of the device at the moment.

Leaked Specifications of Tecno DroidPad 10 Pro
OS – Remix OS
Processor – 1.3GHz Quad-core
Display - 10.1” IPS Touchscreen
Resolution - 1280*800
Memory - 32GB EMMC + 2GB DDR3
Battery Capacity - 7000mAh
Front and Rear Camera UNKNOWN
Android OS Remix OS
SIM Dual Micro-SIM

I think Tecno is trying to take business to the next level this time around. First, the launched into the Smart Bracelet business with the Tecno C7 T-Band and now they want to bring yet another new stuff in the mix. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, this can be a danger in disguise for tweakers as it might take some time for us to know how to unlock all the full potentials of the device with its strange OS. The same thing that is about to happen on Android 7.0 Nougat OS

It might interest you to know that Chuwi Vi10 is also coming with the Android Remix OS

The rumor is gradually gaining ground and you know one thing with rumors, about 80% of them finally comes to pass so you need to take the information here with a pinch of salt.


  1. I still cherish the old memories back then when we were using the Remix OS in our Gionee M2.