This Is The Reason Why Airtel BIS Is Not Working On Your Android Phone

A lot of complain has being brought on this blog and other related blogs concerning the sudden stoppage of Airtel BIS plan on android devices which offers 3GB worth of data at just N1000. But now, we know the cause of it and the main culprit behind it.

Am sure you are aware that Airtel BIS on android requires no VPN application in other to work but what it needs is just tweaking of any blackberry 10 IMEI on your phone shikina! I have already published a list of valid BB10 IMEI you can select one from the list and tweak on your phone.

But what actually is the cause of airtel BIS not working on android? You remember the airtel 2GB for N200 data plan which works on 2g network? It is the culprit. I noticed that you won't be able to use Airtel BIS again on your android device once you are subscribed to that data package.
In case you are new to this airtel BIS and how to use it on android, go to this post how to use airtel BIS on android

How Can I Get Out Of This Mess?
The best and only solution is to opt out of airtel 2g network data plan or wait till it completely expires before subscribing for the BIS package. The best method to opt out is by contacting airtel their Customers Care (CC). Alternatively, you can Opt out by sending STOP to 141 or STOP to 482 in an SMS.

That's all. Are you currently rocking airtel 3GB bis on your devices? Let's see your comments. Also if you are having any other issues, bring it here let's tackle it as well.

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  1. Wizytechs... am Wizkal and im flexing it on my three airtel sims not just 3GB BUT 4GB FOR $1000. Bout that 2GB PLAN, u r right cus i droped my airtel that very day the stupid data came up to face... Am also concerned bout this airtel tweek on andriod psiphon if its still running or its been blocked totally... cus am confussed right now not knowing what to do bout it cus i have a very close friend whose sim card is perfectly working with IT "ISH"...

  2. d airtel bis has bin saving me since,Nd am still rocking it. pls add me 2 ur WhatsApp group 08144173326

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  5. I love that airtel bis
    its cool

  6. Wizzy I called CC and I was opted out but was still unable to use my BIS MB.
    If I use this method can I use my BIS data? Is it the solution to the problem the 2G plan has caused?

  7. the stupid 2g must expired b4 u can continue using the Airtel bis cuz wen I called their cc I was told the 2g data supersede any data plan u currently have

  8. Please Wizzy thanks for the good work but please how can i use this particular BB plan in my MODEM on PC? CODED.

    1. You can't use it on a modem bro because it envolves Imei tweaking which is done on android devices. Meanwhile you can use it on PC with Hotspot

  9. Wizzy, it seems the bis plan is now 1400. Cos I received a message from airtel about showing me my current data and 1400 to renew. I don't know how true that is

  10. I subscribe but was unable to use. I call their customer care and I was told that d plan is for bb curve, tourch and other not for bb10. And bb10 plan is N1400....mean while my subscription was reverse and my N1000 was refunded.

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  12. still not working after stopping the 200 2gb plan...plz help

  13. Wizy this sub has stopped working pls paste an official statement abt it i just wasted my 1k now

  14. Oga wizy I just sub for this Airtel bis yesterday and I tweak more than one Imei this refuse to work. I just mistaken open my zhyphone handler with that AIRTEL and it connect and start working ,any fixed for this pls...

    1. See the secrete and solution to using Airtel BiS on android HERE

  15. Am still rocking my AirtelNG BIS subscription

  16. Am still rocking my AirtelNG BIS subscription