Use This Trick To Download With Zenith Bank Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Without Using Account Number

Few days ago Zenith Bank launched their free Wi-Fi browsing in designated branches for their customers to enjoy unlimited internet access, unlimited browsing and downloading at no cost. You can check the previous post on how to enjoy Zenith Bank free browsing via wifi hotspot here.

Well, some of you have questioned on how to use this free service even if you are not a Zenith bank customer. You can recall that for you to qualify for this service, you must be an account holder with Zenith Bank as you will be using your account number to login to the WiFi hotspot in other to use it.

"What if am not banking with Zenith Bank, can i still use the free wifi?" Yes! That's the purpose for this post. You can use the free wifi without being a customer But you can only use it to download, not browse. Follow the below steps

How To Download With Zenith Bank Free Wi-Fi Without Account Number

=> When you are around Zenith bank branch with free wifi

=> Turn ON your mobile data and open your uc browser (or Google Chrome Browser).

=> Locate the stuff you want to download

=> After that, click on the download and allow the download to start and reads for a bit

=> Now pause it and turn on your wifi and get connected to the zenith bank free wifi hotspot

=> Finally, resume your download and you will see how it will connect and start downloading sharperly.
Photo credit: kalukukuzi

If you don't know the Zenith Bank branches that are offering the free WiFi, click Here. So that is how you can flex downloads with the free Wi-Fi available at Zenith bank branches. Enjoy!


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  3. Guy me sef don dey fear u...u even go bank go chop their WIFI!

  4. Has this free WiFi connection be spread to all the branches across the nation?

  5. Has this free WiFi connection be spread to all the branches across the nation?