What Is Pokemon Go? What Happens If You Cheat In Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a newly introduced free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game released in July 2016 for android and iOS devices. The game is the trending game in the mobile industry at the moment. The app is developed by Niantic and published by The Pokemon Company.

How Pokemon Go Game Works
Pokemon is an engaging and entertaining game that allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, known as Pokemon; These virtual creatured appear your device screens as if it is in the real world. Additionally, the game makes use of GPS features on your device and the camera lens of compatible smartphones.

How Much Is Pokemon Go Game?
Pokemon is free-to-play, although it supports some in-app purchases of additional gameplay items.

How Popular Is Pokemon?
Can you believe that Pokemon has just surprised the popular "Candy Crush Saga" as the most used device app in the United States? and it is currently increasing the stock value of Nintendo, which owns a part of The Pokémon Company.

What Happens If You Cheat In Pokemon Go Game?
Like every other electronic games, there must be a way to maneuver and manipulate things easily which is fondly known as game cheats but the developers of Pokemon don't take it lightly when a user cheats. They ban him or her ASAP.

Although, the ban lasts for few hours, it will restrict the user from being able to catch any Pokemon, collect "PokeStops", and battle for, or claim a gym. What really happens is that while you are baanned, any poke ball thrown on you will just bounce right off, and the Pokemon would just run away.

What Pokemon Considers As Cheat
Many things fail under the cheating category, but GPS spoofing is highly frowned at and it makes the top Niantic’s list on cheating tricks. By spoofing or manipulating your GPS location to catch a Pokemon simply takes the cake and the offender will be banned for some hours. So if you really love playing the game, play safe and stay out of cheats.

Where Can I Download Pokemon Go?
Download Pokemon Go Apk App Here (For Android Users)

Download Pokemon Go For iOS Devices Here (for iPhones and iPads users)

I know it might sound strange to a lot of folks but very soon Pokemon will be like candy crush to your hearing.


  1. Hopefully they had Nigeria to the location where the game can be played

    1. Yes bro we hope so because at the moment, it's trending in the United States of America

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    1. I didn't really get you very well but if you meant downloading YouTube videos with UCMini, see how to do it HERE

  4. This game sounds cool

    very soon they will strt recording the number of offenders
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