How To Enjoy Free Wi-Fi Browsing In LUTH & Other Zenith Bank Branches

Zenith Bank is offering free wifi connection for their customers just after few days that Ntel rolled out free WiFi browsing in Lagos and Abuja . This kind gesture from Zenith Bank is geared towards enabling its customers to have access to download their mobile app, browse for information, access online banking do researches online and lots more at selected branches.

Although Zenith Free wifi is not the first of its kind in the country as other banks like GTBank gives free Wifi at their UNILAG (University of Lagos) branch, Akoka. So customers can easily use their mobile phones and even laptops to do anything online via the free WiFi connection in the vicinity.

Apart from GTBank, another bank that offers free WiFi is Access Bank offers at their Alausa, Lagos branch. And this service might be available somewhere in other states apart from here in Lagos.

Zenith Bank disclosed that they have also installed an advanced and wide-range free Wi-Fi hotspot serving the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) and its vicinity, to give their customers within the hospital’s environ free internet access via wifi connection.

How Can I Enjoy Zenith Bank Wifi?
To connect and use Zenith free Wifi service anywhere, the customer need to enter his or her Zenith Bank Account number. I remember those days in school, to access school's wifi, we enter our Reg. Number or Matric Number.

How Do I Know The Branch With Free WiFi?
To know all the Zenith bank branches that offers this service, Download List Of Zenith Bank Branches With Free Wifi Connection. The file is in PDF format so you just download and read.


  1. Cool i will go and open account with Zenith bank

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  2. Just hoping that this kind of stuff is introduced in all their branches across the nation.

  3. This free WiFi is not yet available in my state.