Airtel 1.5GB and 500MB Night Data Plan Is Renewable The Same Night

So many people have asked whether the new "Airtel night data plan is renewable" the same night after exhaustion or not. The answer is "yes". You can renew any of the airtel night plans (1.5GB or 500MB) once you finish the allocated data unlike what is experienced in MTN where users are allowed to subscribe for once.

This simply means that Airtel night plan is renewable and the plan is currently working on all devices. Once activated, the browsing time starts from "12am to 5am"

So Since airtel night plan can be renewed, you can use 3gb for N100 or even 4.5gb with just N150 from 12am till 5am. Isn't that cool? Although some people don't really fancy all this night data stuffs but remember one man's food is another man's poison. Some people prefer browsing in the night because the speed is awesome, while some work in a place that does shifting which means working at night. So with that opportunity, they can browse and download the way they like. However, some category of people don't joke with their sleep so they hate anything night plan with passion.

Am sure you are aware that this plan is strictly for airtel users on the SmartTrybe tariff, so if you need to migrate to the package by dialing *312# in order to qualify for the night plan activation.

How to Subscribe to airtel SmartTrybe N25 for 500mb and 1.5GB for N50 Night Plan

1. Dial *312#, select night plan, choose the plan you want.
Either the 500MB which cost N25 or the 1.5GB which costs N50,

How To Renew Your Night Plan
After using up the allocated data, all you need to do is to dial *312# and resubscribe again for the airtel 50 naira night plan or 25 naira plan depending on your choice and you will be given another 1.5gb and 500mb respectively.


  1. hmmm...Nice one#Thanks for info

  2. hmmm...Nice one#Thanks for the info

  3. I did the 1.5G and left my 50naira on the sim to dowload for another day I got ther 2 days later my 50naira was gone. It's happening for d 3rd time do we need to opt out of plan or why is my being deducted. Thanks

  4. Hi Yomi, it's always better not to have airtime on a SIM you always use for browsing. Even if you should leave ur airtime there, make sure you didn't activate PAYGO as it will lead to deduction from your account balance once data is finished.

    1. Please how do we stop the PAYGO on airtel?

  5. Airtel dey zap data with night browsing o...

  6. That's great bro

    thanks for the tips

  7. If you subscribe twice simultaneously, will they give you an accumulated data cap? Eg - You subscribe 50naira twice at the same time. Will you have 3GB data for the night?