Checkout InterC 4G LTE Speed Test Result Here

InterC which is the latest 4G LTE network provider in Nigeria was unveiled recently and currently have signal coverage spread across cities like Abuja, Kaduna and Port-Harcourt. A G+ user just got his InterC SIM card and carried out the 4G LTE speed test on his device.

InterC Sim card currently goes for N1,500 and it comes with 1.5GB data. It’s like buying the sim for N100, since their 1.5GB is officially N1,400 for 30 days.

He continued to talk about the speed test and his experience
"Regarding the speed, I must say I'm impressed because even with just two bars of reception i still get **7MBPs* download speed and 6MBPs upload speed. Speed test with Speeptest android app below"

At the moment, the only available method is walking through any of their offices in Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Kaduna and pick up your sim.

The network has some of the cheapest 4G LTE data plans for you to flex on your 4G LTE enabled smartphones.

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  1. This service provider should extend their network connectivity to all the cities across Nigeria