FlyTube: How To Float YouTube Videos While Multitasking On Android

Oh yes! I know you might have wondered and wished if it's possible to minimize or "float the YouTube video" you are watching while using other applications like WhatsApp, web browsers, Facebook etc. In other words, i mean "multitasking while watching videos on YouTube".

Although YouTube Red offers this feature but it is not free as you have to subscribe for it before you can enjoy the benefits. But in case you are eager to explore all the tantalizing benefits of the Red version and use it free of charge, I have a trick for you. Just click how to use YouTube Red free and you will be amazed at the magic.

Now back to our discussion which is focused on how to continue watching your favorite video on YouTube while still doing other things with your phone. For instance, you are watching an interesting movie and someone sent you message on WhatsApp which requires you open your WhatsApp application to reply; normally, you will have to exit the video you are watching in other to reply to the message but with the trick on this post, you don't need to quit your video as it will float somewhere in your phone screen while you reply to chats or even while you browse the internet.

How is this possible? Well, with a third party application called "FlyTube", you can float youtube video anywhere on your android device screen while multitasking with other apps. "FlyTube lets you use other apps while still watching videos"
It's as simple as that.

Where Can I Download It?
Download Flytube apk android app here

Meanwhile, users of devices like Samsung Galaxy s6 and later versions, but what about people that are not using this Samsung device? That's why you should consider having FlyTube app on your phone if you are really a regular user of YouTube.

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