Glo 0.00 Cheat: Psiphon And Tweakware v3.4 Settings With New APN

You will agree with me that this Glo 0.00 free browsing tweak has been proving too stubborn in the sense that it usually disconnects and the recent issue been the sudden disappearance of data network on Glo SIMs for the 0.0kb tweak.

Anyway, like Nigerian Police would say "we are on top of the matter" so as for this glo tweak. We are on top of the matter and we will continue devising a way to make it work and obey us. The most annoying of all is "glo data not displaying" but it has been solved with the new APN we have introduced on this post.

By the time you finish configuring your phone with the settings here, you will be able to continue using your glo 0.00 cheat on Psiphon and Tweakware as long as you have a stable 3G network in your location.

Before you start anything, sms PAYU to 127. You will receive a reply that you are using data as Pay As U Go to browse. Skip this action if you have previously sent the text.

1. Your Android device either rooted or unrooted
2. Glo sim with 0.00kb balance and no active data plan
3. Strong and stable 3G network on your Glo SIM
4. Psiphon Pro Lite Handler Android app. You can download it from HERE if you don't have it already.


Name: WizyTechs
APN: glo3gvideo
APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
Proxy: leave it blank
Port: leave it blank
Username and password: leave it empty


Launch your Psiphon app and set it up with the settings below:
Tick Remove Port
Proxy type: Dual Real Host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: HTTP
Real proxy server: leave it blank
Real proxy port: 80
Now tap on Save.
My glo 0.0kb tweak screenshots below

Goto Option => More Options and Untick every boxes as seen in my below screenshot.

After that, go back and select Region as United States or United Kingdom and tap on Start to connect.
It will connect within 1 to 5mins. After its connected, start browsing as you like.

Now Below Is Tweakware Settings For Glo 0.00 Cheat


You should use the same APN i dropped earlier for Psiphon Handler VPN

If you don't have latest Tweakware as of today, Download tweakware vpn v3.4 apk app HERE

Install the app and launch it. Then set it up as follows:
1. Go to Settings => Bundle Settings => Select Bundle Settings and tap on NG GLO 0.0.

2. After that Go back to the Tweakware homepage and select Free Server if you don't have a premium account with Tweakware yet. (remember i released some Premium Tweakware Accounts Username And Password for free. So check them up and use it to access the premium servers)

Having done that, now just tap on Connect and watch it connect. Remember your 3G network must be strong and stable to enjoy this tweak.

"The latest Tweakware now offers free daily 300MB instead of the **200mb free server limit on previous version. What am i saying? You can now enjoy 300mb worth of data with the free server but if you still want to enjoy more, you can select from the premium accounts i dropped on the previous post or simply click HERE to get them or you can use the trick on how to bypass the daily limit. Click HERE for the trick.

If you still have any questions relating to this or any other issues, kindly use the comments box and i will do well to respond to you as fast as possible. Enjoy!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi wizy, I send PAYU to 127 but it refused to browse and I still have 3 naira as my balance ,don't how to make it 0.0. Pls if you can help me out I'll be grateful. Thanks.

    2. Sorry bro. See how to force your account balance to be 0.00kb HERE

  2. Mine disconnect often

  3. Mine disconnect often..I nid hlp oga wizy

  4. Still the same bro wixy it disconnect a lot

  5. Pls add me to the whatsapp group 07033616031

  6. Enter your comment...the tweakware didn't work with d free premium accounts u pasted on it site. it keeps saying invalid account. also d psiphon connects but it doesn't open any page ony ucweb. plz help

  7. Thanks Wizytechs, I'm able to download with it though it disconnects often.

  8. Thanks Wizytechs, I'm able to download with it though it disconnects often.

  9. it disconnect often

  10. Wizy the glo psiphon stop working... Any new settings

  11. Any negative effect after use maybe it will affect your next recharge