How To Enable Twitter Night Mode On iOS Devices

Twitter night mode is now officially available for iOS devices after it rolled out on android platform back in June . Before now, it was only available on Beta for iPhone and iPad users but good news is it's now available for everyone to enable or activate.

Main Importance Of Twitter Night Mode
Users of Twitter always complain of the difficulty to use the application on their devices during the "night" as the white light rays affects the eyes negatively and forces users to over strain their eyeballs while glancing at tweets most times. So twitter responded to bring the feature so that one can easily use the twitter app in dark areas without much difficulties.

How Can I Activate It
Unfortunately, twitter didn't make the Night Mode in for iOS automatic so you need to toggle ON and OFF manually.
1. Launch your Twitter app
2. Simply go to the Me tab
3. Tap the gear icon, and you'll see the night mode there
4. Now, just toggle it on or off depending on what you want.

I hope it helps.

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  1. I never knew that this awesome feature was also available for iOS devices