How To Make Free Video Calls On BBM App

BBM video call is now out of the Beta stage. This simply means anyone on android and iOS platform can now enjoy both voice and video call features with the BBM application. Here i have briefly written a simple guide on how to place a video call to any of your bbm contacts.

How To Make BBM Video Calls

1. Download the latest updated BBM app from google playstore (for android users) or from itune stores (for iOS users). Alternatively, Android users can download it from here and iOS users can download from here

2. Launch the updated BBM app on your device

3. Once you’re in BBM, find your contacts by clicking on CONTACTS tab or simply click on existing conversation.

4. Next, locate your contact

Photo credit: bbugmy

5. Now, while you are on the contact Profile bar, confirm whether the person have set the video/voice call to ON (green). Video call is charged via your data or connected WiFi.

6. Finally, place the call.