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How To Make Money Online With Swisscoin, Review, Bitcoin Alternative, Creating Millionaires Worldwide.

    The word Crypto currency simply means a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure transactions and anti-counterfeiting measures in other to control creation of new units. However, it can be termed as a subset of alternative currencies.

In the last few years, Bitcoin has ruled digital currency as it is the first decentralized cryptocurrency in 2009 which was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. The currency has been used as a peer to peer medium for transaction which easily takes place between users directly without any intermediary.

Introducing you to Swisscoin Crypotocurrency

Swisscoin is a new cryptocurrency that is based out of Switzerland with several partners from Germany, over 5000 partners backing up the coin; the CEO is Werner Marquetant, also swiss resident.

Now, let me give you a recap about Bitcoin

Bitcoin as the first to enter the market, as many now, bitcoin started trading at $0.02 and 4 years later it was traded at over $1100 - today’s value is close to $700 - many people made a fortune on Bitcoin, being the early adapters but even more missed out, I believe we all recognize ourselves in that situation.

So calculating Bitcoin at early stage and now, let’s do the maths.

If you were opportune to join Bitcoin back in 2009 (when it was valued at the lowest rate $0.02) and you invested $1000 in their currency.

Back in 2009
1 bitcoin = $0.02
$1000 = $1000/$0.02 which equals 50,000 bitcoins

After some years later (Now) – Increment in value
1 bitcoin = $700
50,000 bitcoin = 50,000 x 700 which equals $35,000,000 (OMG… you’re rich)

So, being part of Swisscoin as a new crypocurrency to rival Bitcoin is a great opportunity. As known, the ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.

Well, now we have a second chance...

Swisscoin is as said a brand new cryptocurrency, we pre launched May 1th and our blockchain went live and started mining the first batch of coin on Saturday June 4th. And members of Swisscoin are today mining this coin at lowest possible value at 0.01 euro; expected value in 2018 is Close to €5 (or far more than that) and rising.

So, if you invested 100 euro today to get 1000 swisscoins, before 2018, the swisscoins would be valued at 5 euro or more, which makes your 100 euro turn to 5000 euro

This means we now have the opportunity to be with a cryptocurrency from birth! Don’t ignore it.
Now the product that Swisscoin offers to its members is different levels of educational packs within cryptocurrency and finance, an academy for you to learn more and how to profit bigtime from trading with cryptocurrency, so that one can educate them on the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency which is by guarantee the future of payments.

These educational packages range from €25 and up to 15.000€, the first purchase comes with an activation fee of €25 - So if you where to purchase a €25 educational pack the first time, you would pay a total of €50 (25 + 25).

In the pack you purchase you will also receive "tokens" that are used to generate Swisscoin in the mining system, you will receive 1 token for 0.1 euro. 

This means that if you Invest 500 euro, you will get 5000 tokens. You will also receive 1 split in your pack (a split will double up your tokens) giving you a total of 10.000 tokens. The split is a bonus from company that occurs every 5-8 weeks, split indicator now is at 93% (as of the day of publishing this content) and we are awaiting the first ever split in Swisscoin History. We are almost there. This is just a bonus from the company, doubling our investment. Great isn’t it?

Today, since swisscoins are with from the beginning, they are mining at lowest rate possible (1/1) meaning you get 1 swisscoin out of 1 token in the mining process, as more people joining Swisscoin to mine coins, the difficulty will increase. Next difficulty increase will be 2/3 meaning you give 2 tokens for 1 swisscoin. However, the difficulty increases as the value of the coins increases.

Now, with that 500 euro pack you will then receive 10.000 swisscoins after the mining as you submitted 10.000 tokens, as the value of the coin increases over time, so does the value of your total amount of coin do.

When swisscoin is valued at only 1euro, you investment of 500 that brought you 10.000 swisscoins, would be worth 10.000 euro 

In 2018 we expect to be valued at closer to 5 euro per coin and still rising, meaning your investments of 500 would be worth 50,000 euro. That’s massive right?

Now swisscoin also have a fenomenal compensations plan where Swisscoin pays you commission to help share the business, grow the network and educate more people and help them to benefit from Swisscoin as well.

From any direct sale of our educational packs, you will receive 10% of the volume in commission, no limits to how many people you can "sponsor" in with your link as every registered member must have a sponsor.

  • Registration is totally free
  • You will receive instant 100 free coin once you register
  • You can later decide to buy a pack if you want (after you might have known more about how it works) 
  • Once you start fully, you can be cashing out at anytime via bank wire transfer to your bank account or other options you provide
  • Signing up is very easy. Once the page opens, click on the below button
    Jetzt KOSTENLOS registrieren >>>
Click here to Join Swisscoin –Register Now


Team Bonus

If you have a 50 euro package or above yourself, you will also be eligible for "team bonus" with is paid out daily, commission ranging from 2-22% depending on rank, of all sales done by your entire team down through infinity.

Matching Bonus 

If you have a 250 euro package or above yourself you are also eligible for "matching bonus" which pays on our your team commission in 11 generations down, ranging from 1-20% matching of their earned commissions, matched by company.

Diamond Rank Bonus Pool 

They have a Diamond rank bonus pool set aside by 1% of all sales done worldwide, shared among diamonds and above.

There are also different ranking bonuses ranking from a laptop, gold rolex, cash, luxury house anywhere you want, and more. I was like “WOW” after getting to know this part. Who wants to miss out?

From all your commissions, 60% goes to cash account / e-wallet free to use, and 40% goes to mandatory trading account to only purchase more packs and tokens to generate swisscoins to your benefit.

Observing the above image, you’ll see that swisscoin Mastercard will be issued in September 2016 to all registered swisscoin Reps to be able to purchase a pack from swisscoin, you must first create an accoun, after that it is important that you enter your details under basic infomation "my data" in backoffice, this has to be done, if not you will not be able to fund your account.

Click here to Join Swisscoin – Register now

Swisscoin also introduced what we call KYC (know you customer) to prevent money laundering, terrorist funding and other illegal activities.

After you have entered you detail you can now go ahead and fund you account, this can be done by bank transfer or bitcoin payment, funds will be in swisscoin e-wallet within 3 days.

When funds are in account, you can then go ahead and purchase the desired package. Soonest, they’ll integrate PayPal, Payoneer and Payza into their payment system. As for commissions gotten, it could be cashed out via wireless transfer.

Please, if you’ve any question concerning swisscoin cryptocurrency, feel free to ask via comment section and I won’t hesitate to provide you with a reasonable answer. Don’t forget to share this opportunity with friends that are ready to invest. Swisscoin is still at its early stage, so its best you get started with them now and create investments with them that could turn you into a millionaire tomorrow.

Click here to Join Swisscoin – Register now

Less I forget, interested persons that have registered can join our Swisscoins whatsapp
 group HERE where you meet other smart people in Nigeria and around the world who are making it big with swisscoin.

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    1. Yes Joshua. At first, it might sound confusing and a little bit complicated but with time, you will understand it more and see its easy.

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      Like i stated on the article, the lowest investment you can start with is £25.

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