Night Plan: Subscribe Etisalat 2GB For N1000, 5GB For N2000 Weekend And Night Plan

Etisalat have introduced 2GB for N1000 and 5GB for N2000 weekend and night data plans plus free 24/7 WhatsApp data for their customers. These plans were unveiled just few weeks after the introduction of the 1GB for N200 night plan which caused a whole lot of confusion among Etisalat users knowing that other Telcos offers more and cheaper night plans.

Meaning Etisalat have now taking it to another level by been the first telecom operator in the country to offer evening and weekend plan which starts by 7PM and ends by 6:59AM the next day and including all day WhatsApp MB

Many people like the etisalat network mainly because of their wide range of network coverage but recently, the cost of their data plans started causing the fans to think twice and look for better and other alternatives as the current economic situation is not smiling at any body at the moment.

So in this post, we will take a look at this new Etisalat 2gb for #1000 and 5gb for #200 weekend and night plan, subscription code, benefits and validity period. Etisalat ‪#‎WeekendandNightPlan‬

This is one of the newly introduced "evening data plans" from Etisalat that offers 2GB worth of data at N1000. The browsing time starts from 7PM to 6:59AM every day and the whole day on weekends (Saturday and Sundays).
To subscribe for this plan, dial *229*3*12# and it valid for 30 days which is one month.

nother brand new night data plan from Etisalat is the N2000 for 5GB bundle which offers customers the flexibility of data usage as you can enjoy evening, all night and weekend browsing including free 100MB usable for chatting on WhatsApp for one month period.
The night plan starts from 7PM till 6:59AM the next day and at all day browsing every weekend for complete one month.
To subscribe, dial *229*3*13#


How To Subscribe For Airtel Night Plan

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Don't forget that the former Etisalat 1GB for N200 night plan is still available and you can subscribe to it by dialing
*229*3*11# (12am -5am)

All New Etisalat ‪Weekend and Night Plan‬ Now you can browse through the night and weekend with ease Simply dial
*229*3*11# for 1GB Night only plan @ N200 (12am -5am)

*229*3*12# for 2GB evening & weekend plan @ N1,000 (7PM – 6:59AM) and the whole of weekend

*229*3*13# for 5GB evening & weekend plan (7PM – 6:59AM) and the whole of weekend PLUS 100MB whatsapp (24/7)

How do you see these Etisalat night plans? Yea or Ney? Do you think it's better than the mouth watering night offer from Airtel? As for me, Etisalat tried by making the browsing time start from 7PM but honestly speaking, it's still not what i really expected judging from the price. As it stands, airtel still offers the cheapest night plan. Period!!!


  1. Etisalat shine your eye

  2. Etisalat is nt yet ready 4 business,with 2k on my glo line I will ave 6gb both nite and day 4 one month. I dnt think I can sub for it oh. Glo and airtel rook 4 now. I dnt no u guys

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  4. This data suites me well.. Thank you etisalat