HP Unveils Powerup Backpack - Charges Smartphones 10 Times, Charges Laptops and Tablets

It's more than just a powerbank, it's stylish, it's fast and it's mobile. Say hello to HP's backpack that is capable of charging your laptop, tablet, as well as your smartphone.

The device is called "Powerup Backpack," it is a canvas bag built wit a 22,400mAh battery inside and the company said it provides a full charge to many HP laptops, charges Smartphones ten times and also charges tablets up to three times.

The powerpack is just like your normal laptop back but carries powerbank inside that charges your laptop even when you are on the road. As a power storing device, chances are that it might get heat up when charging your devices so the company designed it in such a way that you can control the order in which your devices charge.

Another method of controlling the heat is seen with the embedded built-in heat sensor which monitors the temperature to make sure the bag doesn't get too hot.

As a means of protecting your laptop and the powerpack from rain, the bag comes with a rain coat together with other accessories.

Can It Be Recharged?
Yes the back can be recharged via the side-pocket plug-in

Watch The Video Of The Powerup Backpack Bag Below

What Is The Price And Where Can I Buy It?
The HP backpack is priced at $199 (this includes two USB micro cables for Android devices and one laptop cable). At the moment, it's available for pre-order on Amazon, with official launch worldwide set for October 1.

Do you like the bag? Power bank in new dimension.


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