Introducing Dropbox Paper - EverNote Direct Competitor

Android devices are cool and cherished by so many number of peoples in the world because of how it has made life so easy through the mesmerizing number of apps available to choose from.

There is virtually nothing in this planet that don't have a related app on Android Google Playstatore and among those useful apps is EverNote which has been a companion fo many android users until now that Dropbox which is populary known for its cloud storage services decided to diversify by bringing out "Dropbox Paper Beta" with similar features as Evernote.

Features of Dropbox Paper Beta

=> Ability to create notes and docs

=> Organize lists

=> Even writing of code

=> Teams can collaborate and share with all the changes reflecting on the go.

=> You can @mentions users and can add, view, and reply to comments.

How To Use Dropbox Paper Beta
First of all, visit the and sign in with your Dropbox credentials by clicking here

Where Can I Download It?
Download Dropbox Paper Beta Apk Android App Here

Meanwhile, it is still in the Beta stage but still have amazing features. Only time will tell if this app will eventually overtake the already popular Evernote.


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