Trick: How To Locate A Saved WiFi Password On Android Device Without Rooting

Am sure you are aware of the other methods of locating and viewing WiFi Passwords with a rooted android device but in this tutorial, i wil be showing you how to do just that without root access as not everyone would like to void the warranty right of his or her phone via rooting.

This topic will reveal to you how to view any saved WiFi around you using your android device. With an android app called Router Setup Page"

It's meant for educational purposes and not for ha^cking. You must be connected to a router around you. That is, the operators must give you access but with this trick, you can view the password even if it was hidden by the WiFi owners.


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How to View Saved WiFi Password on Android (No Root)
First of all, you need to get connected to a router
1. Then download Router setup page apk android app here on your android device. The app automatically detects the router that the android device is connected to.

2. Install and launch the app, then tap “Open router page”.

3. After opening the page, you’ll need to input the router login details. Remember that every router makes use of two specific login details by default and it doesn’t get changed most times. So either you make use of “admin” as login and password or you make use of “user”. Any of them works just good

4. Finally, it would take you to the router dashboard, now all you have to do is just go to WiFi tab, navigate down and you’ll see the saved wifi password, if it’s hidden, simply tick the “show password” box.

That's it on how to view any saved password on any WiFi router around you.


  1. Baba i abeg i no too understand, is this how to know the password of a secured wifi

    1. Yes but you must have access to the wifi first. Assuming someone inserted his or her passwaord on your device to grant you access, you will use this trick to located saved password even if it is hidden by the adminitrator

  2. This is an awesome trick which I'm gonna try it out ASAP

  3. This is an awesome trick which I'm gonna try it out ASAP