Amazing 1TB SD Card Now Unveiled By SanDisk, What Would You Do With Such Memory Card?

After the recent release of 256GB SD card, popular memory device manufacturer SanDisk have just unveiled the 1TB SD card (prototype version). It might interest you to know that capacity of memory devices are regularly doubled every two years

Lexar launched the first 128GB SD card in early 2011 then in late 2012 the first 256GB card. Meanwhile, SanDisk took the lead in late 2014 with the first 512GB card and now it's doubling the max capacity again.

At the moment, this SanDisk 1TB SD Card it's just a prototype as the official price of the memory card is not yet available.

Technology is really growing with fast pace because i could remember the very first SD card produced by SanDisk was just 64MB in capacity 16 years ago and now we have 1 Terabytes device from the same company.


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The SD card is of course not for every device as it takes a special gadget or phone to be compatible with it. So the main set of people that this card will be of great importance to are big time, classic, veteran photographers, studios as will fantastically suit growing number of 4K cameras, 360° cameras for VR and the newer 4K @ 60fps, which normally eat up even more storage and 6K seems to be on the horizon too.

Another set of people it will be useful to are those using sophisticated smartphones or electronic devices that can support external SD of up to 1TB.

But what can you do with a 1TB micro SD card? Wondering...


  1. For my Windows tab..

  2. What will i do with such a memory card?

    I will install the entire world there

  3. What will i do with such a memory card?

    I will install the entire world there