Best Android Blogging App For Bloggers 2016

Its been up to a year now that i have been craving for an Android App that can make publishing posts on Blogger easy. Though i came across many but only BlogIt and Bloggeroid are worthy of mention.

I would focus this post on BlogIt alone because Bloggeriod does not work well on my Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Interestingly, Am a Lazy person and anytime i think of a new blog post or i stumble upon a post online while browsing with my phone, its always strenuous to setup my laptop and my internet connection and this has always an issue not just for me but for all my friends that blog also. I have tried so many apps even the Official App Released By Google, Too many flaws, but the notable one is not being able to arrange pictures in which Google has not addressed since the publication of the app.

After So Many Failures, I decided to try out BlogIt, and BOOM! it was the close to being perfect app i have been Looking all around for.


- Rich Editor support starting from Android ICS

- View/Delete/Add Comments
- Add images to your posts (Local Images and Picasa/Photos)
- Common HTML tags (italic,bold,strike,paragraph,break,link) and common labels helper.
- Tabbed Posts/Comments navigation
- Multiple accounts

- Multiple blogs

Although, It has no coloured post option yet, This App fixed all the Flaws of the Official App Released by Google From Picture arrangement to Editing of Html e.t.c


Download Blogit From PlayStore here

Download Blogit From Other Source here

I Hope The Article Helped.

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Onasanya Tunde

Head Admin


What is your best Blogging App on Android?


  1. oga Wizy pls abeg is dere a way to use airtel Nyt plan during d day bcus to wait till 12 is very hard

    1. At the moment, there is no way to use Airtel Night plan during the day. Although in 2014, i was able to use it during the day including the MTN night plan. Then, the cost was higher than what is obtained now.

  2. Nice and well composed article from the boss of bosses

  3. I would have loved to try and own a tech or satellite blog but Am lazy when it comes to writing

  4. I would have loved to try and own a tech or satellite blog but Am lazy when it comes to writing.

    Have downloaded and install the latest update. Let's see how it goes with it.