Checkout Best Android Phones In Nigeria And Their Price Category

Nigerians are among the highest users of smartphones in the world. For 2016, the number of smartphone users in Nigeria is estimated to reach 15.5 million. Meanwhile, a huge number of the smartphones used by average Nigerians are those from China as they are more affordable and at the same time serves really well.

So am streamlining this list to the most common smartphones used in Nigeria and their price categories.


N30,000 - N60,000 Price Category;

- Tecno Camon C9
- Tecno Boom J8
- Infinix Hot S
- Gionee M5 Mini
- Tecno L8 Plus
- Gionee F103 Pro
- Infinix Note 3
- Innjoo Max 3 Pro
- Huawei GPower
- Huawei GR3

N60,000 - N100,000 Price Category:

- Gionee M5 Plus
- Infinix Zero 3
- Gionee M5
- Asus Zenfone 2
- HTC One M8
- Huawei GR5
- Innjoo 2
- Samsung Galaxy A3

N100,000 And Above

- Huawei Mate 8
- Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE
- Huawei P9 PLUS
- Blackberry Priv
- Samsung Galaxy A8
- One Plus 3
- HTC M10
- Tecno Phantom 5
- Tecno Phantom 6

Lol 😁 this is the look on your face when you see a very beautiful phone but due to bad economy and recession, you couldn't buy it

I hope this helps, click on any of the phones above to know more about it including the price and complete features. Kindly hit the SHARE buttons below to share with your friends. You can add yours.


  1. LOLZ,D picture got me laughing ma ass owt cos dahz d same way i feel wen i cant afford d kind of phone i need...

  2. This recession has really dealt with us in this country

  3. Very funny image i must confess

  4. Well compiled list of best phones at affordable prices