Checkout N20 and N50 Recharge Cards Introduced By OneCard Nigeria

You might be wondering what N20 and N50 airtime can do for you. Well, there are people and some situations that N50 can be the best alternative. OneCard Nigeria a company that provides top up services on multiple platforms for mobile phones, utilities, toll fees, cable TV subscriptions and fuel vouchers to customers and retailers nationwide.

Onecard provides several services which are purchased many times all over the country with current monthly consumption of over N125billion per month which is expected to grow to N250billion monthly over the next 5 years.

One of their services is the provision of network card recharge platform where telephone users can easily recharge their line with the code *979*PIN#

The company is currently running this recharge card adverts on Facebook and other social platforms to create awareness among Nigerians.

The airtime is a multipurpose recharge card which works on any network. Meaning the new recharge cards tops up all mobile networks; Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and MTN.

Now you have a backup even when you don't have up to N100 in your pocket. OneCard gat your back.

For more information on this, check their site to know how to get started.


  1. Interesting but 50 naira can't do anything actually

    1. Longest time without seeing your comments.

      Lemme deviate a little here cos one can actually use the said amount to contact a loved one in the case of an emergency.

  2. First time of seeing this card was in one of the comedy videos produced by markangelcomedy.

    Thanks for throwing more light on its usefulness.

  3. exactly @mr paul that was when i also set my korokoro eyes on it. Maybe we should call it shikele recharge. Thanks for the update sir.

  4. this 20nnaira card..ahh this is ma first time of reading this...its very helpful

  5. Because of Recession everyone are to make money any how!

  6. Airtel was the first network to selle 50 airtime and they did not make profit so them stop it

  7. How many of us will buy this airtime to say the truth

  8. People will go for this one card.

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