Latest Free Internet Browsing With Nexttel Via Opera Mini Handler In Cameroon

Those residing in Cameroon should quick grab this trick to have free internet access with Nexttel using Opera Mini Handler V7.5

Nexttel is the first 3G network providers in Cameroon that offers a wide range of data subscriptions for her subscribers and at the same time leaving some holes uncovered for some guys to access internet freely. One of the loopholes is the one am revealing here.

With the settings here, you can browse free of charge with your Nexttel SIM card in Cameroon. Just follow the below settings.

APN: n-connect
User name: nexttel
Password( Leave this blank)
Home page: (not compulsory)

If you are using PC, apply these IP and port
Port: 80
Save the settings and go to the next step to download Opera mini handler.

Download Opera Mini Handler Apk Here

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After that, go to opera handler and input the following settings:

✔ APN: n-connect
✔ User name: nexttel
✔ Password : nexttel
✔ IP: ✔ Port: 80
✔ Proxy server :

NB: You should do this on the opera menu

Click remove port and select proxy type as HTTP

Now you can enjoy free browsing with Nexttel in Cameroon.


  1. Baba Wizy we need something like this in Nigeria pls

  2. Amazing... But all the way sha all those things are not working for me, even if its working in 9ja. Thank boss wisy

  3. 9ja need am drop some na

  4. nice one... please is there any one for Ethiopia.. my friend the internet was being blocked and i can't reach him

  5. chai I nearly jumped up with I saw free.....

    Y not 9ija

    Feel like crying

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