List Of Countries With Best Developers, See Where USA and Nigeria Ranked

Have you ever wondered how well your country is doing in the ICT world? Is your country among the top inclined in the ICT community when compared with other? A recent visit of Mark Zuckerberg to Africa, Nigeria and Kenya particularly has spurred me to make some research about how well our country is performing in the field.

Well, i wasn't disappointed as Nigeria was found in the list of top 50 countries with best developers and programmers. Like Zuckerberg would say, "the energy here is amazing". In fact, Nigeria performed good in all the categories of rank.

The rank was published by a California-based firm known as HackerRank and the study shows which countries have the best developers. A little introduction of HackerRank shows its a free coding practice website that allows developers to showcase their coding skills by solving challenges.

It would interest you to note that Nigeria made the list ranking 48 in the table. Other African countries that made the list include Egypt(42) and South Africa (43). But surprisingly, United States (28) of America and even United Kingdom didn't perform as expected. China, being what they are, still tops. In fact, the country is toping in virtually every good thing in all spheres of like at the moment. So why are we still looking down on them?

The report also highlighted which countries produce the best developers in a particular skill area.

Again, from the chart above, Nigeria did quite well in one skill area – Ruby.

However, the next insight from the report which might now augur well with many Nigerians is the report highlighting which countries are more likely than the rest to take a test in a skill set. As seen from the chart, Nigeria would “unusually likely” participate in Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, and functional programming.

While we celebrate Nigeria's inclusion in the rank, we won't forget the good strides of China. The country is just an inspiration for others as they are setting the pace in virtually everything when it comes to technology.


  1. I've always known China to be the Best in Tech stuffs as well as they great in Karate!

  2. Nigeria... TUTORIALS. Sounds Some how painful.

    Anyway not still bad, at list still Got the NAME on the list.

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  4. My joy is that our beloved country Nigeria has made the list

  5. So the much talked about USA on on number 28 on the list with all these noise that they have been making

  6. So the much talked and celebrated USA is 28 on the list with all these noises they have been making.

  7. I have this strong conviction that Nigeria will be there at the top someday

  8. Thanks for this wonderful update and kudos to you