Meaning Of Infinix Xclub and What You Can Do With It

The Xclub on Infinix smartphones is a pre-installed android app developed to help users to participate in the formal Infinix forum and also perform some tasks like data backup, commenting on a thread, sharing post and also creating their own post at the platform. It is a forum where users learn more about their device, table issues and get advice on how to fix them or proactive measures to adopt for better phone usage.

Xclub is like Tecno Spot which is also a dedicated online forum for Tecno fans and users to share their experiences, device issues and possible solutions to any tecno phone problem.

Although Xclub is more interesting as it has more branches like Xcontact, Xcloud, Xtheme and every other things X.... 😁

Infinix users should know what am talking about. Just open your phone app drawer, you should see these X-stuffs there.

First and foremost, you need to sign up or sign in (if you have account with Xclub alteady) as you won't be able to have access to the services without creating your unique account.

How can i sign up/sign in? Sinmple
✔ At the top right corner, you will see an avatar
✔ Click on it.
✔ Next you can either choose to login using email, Phone number, Facebook and Twitter.

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If you do not have an Xclub account, you can sign up using the same platforms. Once you have logged in, tapping on your Avatar will provide a menu that allows you to Check In, Access your Messages, Personal Settings.

Once you have created an Xclub ID, you can now view, access and use all the apps that starts with "X" on your Infinix phone.

Want to know how to backup your photos & videos on your Infinix phone? Here's how:

1. Open an Xclub account
2. Go to Xcontact menu (if you are using the XUI) or Xcloud (if you are using XOS)
3. Register your username
4. Tap backup
5. Select what to backup ( Contacts,sms,call log etc)
6. Accept terms & Click Backup

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  1. User sometime come across different issues in their android phone and they cannot consult the technician to fix every single issue because first the technicians might not be available in the close areas and second it is costly to go to the technician for minor android issues. Infinite Xclub forum would be very helpful for the users to solve their device issues and to share the users experience with each other.Thanks for informing the user about this forum...

  2. With all these features being introduced into INFINIXMOBILITY PHONES, i might reconsider my stand of their phones and then try one say INFINIX ZERO 4 PLUS

  3. I have been able to lay my hands on one of their phones with the aforementioned app and it was an awesome experience.

  4. But why is it that other phone manufacturers don't wanna use this same idea from infinix

  5. In GIONEE PHONES, what we have there is an app called user feedbacks UT its not having same features like it's counterparts

  6. Anyways, thanks for this well articulated article