Samsung Planning To Start Using MediaTek Chips On Midrange Smartphones

MediaTek is the lovely chipset commonly used by Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, and some iTel phones. I called it lovely because phones using it are easily customizable and tweakable.

Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek now counts the world’s largest maker of mobile devices, Samsung, as a customer.

Samsung is reportedly expected to place orders for up to 10% of the chips that MediaTek makes and plans to use them on its entry-level devices starting next year (2017).

It is worth remembering that Samsung currently uses older models of its in-house Exynos chips on budget devices with a tiny percentage contracted externally from Chinese chipmaker Spreadtrum Communications. Previously, the company has sourced chips from Broadcom, another chipmaker.

While the mobile chip business in the world is dominated by American giant Qualcomm. MediaTek has been the go-to chipmaker of choice for most budget-oriented smartphone brands entering most emerging mobile markets in Asia, Latin America and Africa. It has also not been left behind in the race to produce efficient and super-fast processors as can be seen in the chips it has been marketing under the Helio brand.

One thing is certain, if Samsung finally start using MediaTek Processors, then IMEI tweaking on Galaxy devices will be as easy as it's done on Tecno phones.


  1. Too late and can't see it happening. Overheating is d number plague of MTK phones

  2. Waiting for this to happen if it hasn't started already