See Gobe: NCC Fines Chinese Manufacturer Innjoo N4Million For Selling Unapproved Smartphones

The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC has fined Chinese Smartphone makers InnJoo a sum of 4 Million Naira for selling unauthorized mobile phones in Nigeria.

This action was however taking after many Nigerians that bought some of the smartphones from the company complained of so certain issues like poor network reception and swelling of battery which was a bit rampant with the Innjoo Halo Smartphone. Another case was the confusion in the processor used in making some of the devices claimed to be MTK processors which wasn't in reality.

NCC raided the office of InnJoo mobile phone maker in Lagos earlier this week for selling 'substandard' mobile phones to the public and sealed their office

It is worthy to know that Innjoo was in the verge of competing and defeating the likes of Tecno, Infinix and Gionee in 2014 and early 2015 when they won the heart of so many Smartphone lovers in the country with their Smartphones BUT something happened along the line, they declined totally in the pecking order. The reason is best known to them but one of the main reason should be the unavailability of their phone spares, poor customer service and the recent substandard nature of their phone components.

Is N4Million too small or big for them? I think it's small and that's why they quickly paid it within short period of time unlike MTN that were fined Billions of Naira.