Twitter is Up For Sale, Google Is Interested... See Other Companies Lurking Around To Acquire It

According to new reports, the tech companies that might stand up include Verizon, SalesForce, Microsoft and the big G, Google!
Because of its moderate development, CNBC reports that Twitter has "got articulations of enthusiasm" from various gatherings (specified above) yet has not yet got a formal offer — albeit one could come in the blink of an eye.


Obviously, these are just reports and no affirmation from Twitter, yet. Be that as it may, after the news broke, Twitter's offer cost has soared by 20 percent.

Two inquiries:

1. Should Twitter choose to offer, which among these four organizations — Google, Microsoft, Verizon, and SaleForce — would you need to purchase Twitter?

2. Given Google's misfortune with Social Media (Precisely Google+), do you think they have what it takes to turn Twitter’s luck around if they do buy it? For me, i strongly think so.