Final Blow! Samsung Permanently Discontinues Making Of Galaxy Note 7 Phones Worldwide

Samsung has announced that it's ending the production of the Galaxy Note 7 and completely discontinuing it globally.

The resolution comes instantly after the company issued a press release asking customers to power off all their Galaxy Note 7 devices including deemed safe units, and for retailers and wholesale partners to stop sales and exchanges of the smartphone worldwide.

“We stay dedicated to working diligently with correct regulatory authorities to take all necessary steps to get to the bottom of the crisis.” stated Samsung in a statement the previous day.

The determination to end the Note7 production is the ultimate step in a alternatively tumultuous trip. After being introduced back in August and being met with traditionally positive reports, the Note7 first got here under fire — really literally — after reviews of items exploding surfaced on the internet. After 35 circumstances had been said, Samsung issued a respectable recall of the gadget, which sent each person in a tizzy and airlines and airport authorities calling for a legit ban on usage of the device in several countries.

Samsung did what it could, exchanging no longer simply the affected but each Note7 it offered and issuing a brand new gadget with an updated battery and a battery indicator so the consumers and authorities alike would tell them aside. It even confined the older galaxy phones from charging beyond 60% so humans who hadn’t changed theirs but wouldn’t overcharge them.

However after the replacement items also started catching fire, most mainly one on a Southwest airways flight 994 from Louisville to Baltimore, which had to be evacuated when a passenger’s replacement Note7 caught fire, Samsung eventually requested every person to power them down. And sooner or later did what was inevitable and, some would argue, what should finished from the opening, pulled the plug completely on the Note 7.

We're ready to listen to Samsung on how it plans to proceed with current Note7 phones that are available in the market and in addition the way it offers with customers who've pending orders. source


  1. Had it been that this same thing had happened to another brand, they could have gone bankrupt

  2. But Samsung is still waxing very strong as that disaster

  3. Had it been that this same thing had happened to another brand, they could have gone bankrupt

  4. But didn't they carry out their test running well before releasing the phones?