Hold On! Airtel Starts Wiping Free 5GB and 30GB Data

It's so sad to notice that airtel have commenced massive wiping of the free Airtel 5GB and 30GB gotten via IMEI Tweaking few days after some people got the data.

I know of some people that tweaked, tweaked and tweaked. Some even bought new SIM cards, some traveled out of their location in search of a place with airtel network in other to tweak and get the data while several others had sleepless nights all in the name of tweaking to get awuf data but now this is surprisingly happening.

This started earlier today when expiring date of the 5GB & 30GB data was changed to 21 October which is today.

Right now, Airtel is massively wiping the data out of SIMs that benefited. My question now is, what of those that actually bought the smartphone that this data is meant for. I strongly believe they will loose theirs as well. Isokay.

Guys, if you still have your data with you, no dulling. Download anything downloadable because you might not see that data again tomorrow. #sad