How To Make Powerbank And Earn Cool Cash (Money) From It

 The evolution of smartphones in Nigeria demand us to consume more power to charge our smartphones and devices.
If you reside in Nigeria you will agree with me that epileptic power supply is just like a music play, due to this many power bank sprang up as the best alternative in the absence of power supply. But unfortunately most of these power banks  are fake which you can't even identify.
Today I will be showing you the easiest way to construct a genuine long lasting power pack yourself  as well make huge money from these by making and marketing it to your friends and family.

Laptop Battery you ain't using again
A power bank Casing ( you can order it from Alibaba it cost $4.29 + free shipping less than 1k) Order it here
A screw Driver and a pen knife.
A wire cutter
Your Head.


Now use a screwdriver or a penKnife to remove laptop battery casing carefully. Like the image below
After detaching the battery, you should have something like this and Pull the cell assembly out of the pack.
They are normally held in by double sided tape or connected using metal tabs.
Then carefully cut the tabs/ wires that are connected to the charging circuit and between the cells using a Wire Cutter.After separating the chairing board I kept it for future tinkering.
I found 6 18650 Li Ion batteries manufactured by Samsung.The capacity was 2200mAh.
The two batteries are wired in parallel, and 3 parallel packs are connected in series for the desired voltage and mAh.
Then separate the individual cells.
First twist each parallel group and separate them by using a cutter.
Identify the good cells

Measure cell voltage. if it's less than 2.5v, throw it away.
Charge the cell. if it gets hot during charging, throw it away.
Measure cell voltage off the charger. verify it's between 4.1 and 4.2v.
Measure cell voltage. if it's fallen less than 4v, throw it away. Otherwise record the voltage.
Measure cell voltage. if cell voltage has fallen more than 0.1v from the recorded voltage, throw it away.

Any cell that hasn't been thrown away by doing the above test is considered to be good one.
You are almost there now insert the battery inside the slot provided in the case and taking note of the polarity
The positive terminal of the battery should be towards the charging board.Sometimes polarity is marked inside the case.

Then put it for charging by using the USB cable provided in the packet.
Attach the key chain with the case.

After charging test the USB output voltage by using a CHARGER Doctor. The output voltage is 5.06V which is good for smart phones,Tablet or any other gadgets. And finally the power bank is ready to use

How You Can Make Money From This Your Powerbank

The daily demand for power bank is relatively very high. Meaning
You make and sell it to friends on campus.
You can organize seminars to teach people how to make power banks and make a huge cash from it.
You can import the power bank casing in wholesale from alibaba and sell it to people who don't know how to ship it online with profit been made , let say you bought the casing online at less than 1k, you can resell it to your client at seminar for #1,200 or #1,500. So you see
You can also start supplying some major marketers your power banks if the demand is high.

You can also contact other premium online shops like jumia and konga to market it for you.
These little secret can help you reap huge cash without having to wait for government jobs.
Its a yet to be tap area where you can dominate easily and quickly.

Now Smile to the Bank by creating a Bank

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  1. After u work am finish galaxy note 7 goo get hope for explosion

  2. Lol, these processes are not safe and I don't see them working,
    Why? Because the writer is missing some essential steps which wen ignored can actually kill the person making the power bank.

    I'm an engineer so I know wat I'm saying

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