Sunday, October 9, 2016

Latest List Of Smartphones That Supports 4G LTE In Nigeria Including Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, Gionee, iPhone

I bet you, in the next few months the demand for 4G LTE Phones in Nigeria will escalate because Nigerian telcos have began the full rollout of 4G network in the country and there is no degree of magic that will make a 3G phone to support 4G LTE except you get a 4G compatible smartphone.

Many smartphones from popular brands like Samsung , Apple , Huawei , and HTC comes with 4G LTE support, but the expensive price of those phones scares the average person away that is the major reason for this post.

I have compiled latest list of smartphones with 4G support and the best part of it is you will find phones from Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, Innjoo and other affordable China phones with decent specifications.

Bros, whether you like it or not, very soon you will be looking out for a 4G smart when you see how people are downloading huge HD movies in few minutes. You will be tempted to drop your current 3G phone for a 4G LTE device. And the best way to go about it is by knowing the phones that supports 4G.

In previous posts, I highlighted how to check the 4G Band and frequency of your network before buying a phone so that you won't regret later. You can check the post if you haven't seen it because knowing your network 4g band is very important in determining whether your phone will work with MTN, interC, Smile, Ntel, Glo, Spectranet, or Etisalat 4G network.

Having said that, below are the latest phones with support for 4G network. You can click on a particular phone to check its full specifications and probably the price.


✔ Tecno Device that Support 4G LTE

✔ Samsung devices that support 4G LTE

✔ Lenovo Smartphones that support 4G LTE

✔ Infinix Smartphones that support 4G LTE
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✔ Blackberry devices that support 4G LTE

✔ Gionee Phones That Supports 4G LTE

✔ Huawei Smartphones that support 4G LTE

✔ Sony Mobile Phones that support 4G
  • Sony Z5 Compact, Dual and Premium
  • Sony Z3
  • Sony C4

✔ Apple iPhones series that support 4G LTE

✔ Innjoo Phones that Support 4G LTE

✔ Xiaomi Phones With 4G LTE Support
Is your device listed? If your phone is 4G LTE supported and wasn't listed above, please kindly comment with the name of your phone via the comments section below so that others will know too.

Stay updated! Ride with the trend!! Don't be left out of the moving train!!! Join the 4G LTE league today and feel the speed of LTE.


  1. Nice update. Yet to upgrade to 4G

  2. Greetings wizy nice work, i was thinking of using like a 4G enabled mifi like an unlocked spectranet mifi what do you think of that? cuz i believe 4G will definitely get ur fnez heated up

  3. gionee s plus also support 4G LTE

    1. Yes you are right. Gionee S Plus supports 4G LTE band 3(1800) and 40(2300)

  4. What about oukitel phones most are 4G enabled will it work in nigeria

    1. Yes. What is really important is the band at which the 4G works

  5. Infinix note 2 4g aint working yet ooo
    Ow do i activate it
    Wenever i put it on 4g d serv will b lost

  6. wizy i want to download movies with that ucminihandler/glo cheat is not working even when i use muchproxy and the thing is downloading music, short videos e.t.c pls any alternatives.

    As to tweakware, abeg help us bypass the bandwith nah, i knw u can do it, u hav done it befor, u can do it again. more grace tew ya elbow. tUaLe

  7. wizy gionee m5 doesnt support 4G lte..and you also forgot to pit infinix hot s and note 3 pro that supports 4G lte

  8. What about xioami redmi note 2 it support 4g

    1. Yes as i stated on the post, there still some phones i didn't include so users of those devices should just comment with the name of the phone so that others will know as well. Thanks

  9. Motorola droid maxx has 4G LTE

  10. Motorola droid maxx rarz has 4G LTE

  11. oga I was told dat glo 4g will not work on xioami redmi note 2 how tru is ite

    1. Yea Xiaomi redmi note 2 supports these 4G LTE bands 1(2100), 3(1800), 7(2600), 38(2600), 39(1900), 40(2300), 41(2500)
      While Glo uses band 28 (700MHz) so it will not work.

  12. What of techno l8 plus