"Safe" Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Catches Fire On a Plane

By now you'd expect a Samsung Galaxy Note7 from the first batch to effortlessly catch fire - in spite of everything, that is why the Korean company recalled all 2.5 million units it bought till September 2. On the other hand, you more commonly wouldn't assume an alternative unit, deemed "safe" by Samsung, to have the equal fate of catching fire 🔥 as well.

But it seems as that is exactly what happened at present in Louisville, Kentucky, aboard a Southwest flight to Baltimore. Whilst the plane was still at the gate, a 'safe' Note7 spontaneously determined to seize fire. The flight used to be right away evacuated, and the photo under purportedly shows the telephone after smoke stopped popping out of it.

No one was injured in this incident, as the handset's owner rapidly threw it on the aircraft's floor. The person in query claims this was once a replacement Note7 unit, which he picked up from AT&T on September 21. He furnished the image beneath, showing the box in which the new gadget came.

Very visible is the giant black square that's alleged to verify that the unit within has a trustworthy battery, one that is not susceptible to spontaneously combusting. The Note7's owner says his device had the green battery icon too, a further confirmation that this was once a alternative unit.

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Alternatively, that can't be confirmed anymore, and there is a chance the box is from another handset of direction. So while you in general mustn't panic at the moment, if this turns out to have been real a unit deemed 'risk-free' with the aid of Samsung, matters really aren't watching just right for the Korean manufacturer.

Here is what allegedly happened. Brian green, the proprietor of the exploding mobile, became it off after boarding, as per the flight crew's instructions. He put it in his pocket when it started out smoking. He then dropped it on the ground of the airplane, noticing "thick grey-green indignant smoke" coming out of it. When a colleague of his went back into the airplane to get some private assets, he seen that the phone burned through the carpet and managed to scorch the subfloor of the airplane.

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Inexperienced says it was at 80% battery left when this occurred, and he is simplest ever used wireless chargers to high it up in view that he obtained it. Samsung has not commented on this yet. via


  1. Lollllz... Na d reason i like my Chinko phone. It can never catch fire lol

  2. But weren't people told not 2 bring their note 7 onboard?

    1. The guy actually returned the first released faulty note 7 and was giving this particular one deemed safe by Samsung but the same thing happened to it.

  3. Note 7,a major accident waiting to happen.....

  4. Hope infinix no go catch fire too one day